Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 12 Discussion/Poll

The final is almost upon us but before they can think about the glitterball there is one more hurdle to navigate, the semi final!

Who deserves a place in next week’s final? And who should be so cruelly left behind after getting so close? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s show right here at the home of the Strictly Spoiler in the comments section below (only appears on single posts and not the home pages)

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Each time you join the discussion you earn an entry to win one of 3 Amazon UK vouchers I have to give away each and every week. I’m still behind with the prize draws for various reasons I’ve already covered but I will catch up by the end of the series!

As always (besides last week) a poll will open right here as soon as all the couples have performed both their dances. This week I’m asking who you want to win the glitterball next weekend. You can pick just one winner!

Who do you want to lift the glitterball next week? (Select ONE answer only)

  • Joe and Katya (51%, 8,306 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (17%, 2,795 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (14%, 2,224 Votes)
  • Gemma and Aljaz (13%, 2,064 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (6%, 1,027 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,416

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The site has moved web hosts once again this week, hopefully to a solution that should be in theory unbreakable but I’m sure someone will find a way 😂. You can read more about the latest site move here. So far the new hosting has cost me £27 and thats before you guys place it under heavy load tonight.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 11 Discussion/Poll

There’s a two for one on spoilers this week as not only will the regular elimination spoiler be coming in later tonight but I’ve also got the spoiler all the newspapers are talking about, but refusing to publish because they don’t want to be struck off the BBC’s christmas card list, and that is The Christmas Special Spoiler

But back onto this week and it’s not only the quarter final of Strictly Come Dancing 2017 but its also time for our annual trip to the musicals with the 6 remaining couples all dancing to routines inspired by the musicals. But who was a west end smash? And who flopped?

You can let me know your thoughts about anything to do with tonight’s show right here in the comments section below (comments only show on single posts and not the homepage – click the title of the post if you are on the homepage to go to the single post)

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On the subject of which at some point this weekend I will have SIX winners to tell you about as due to other commitments and a site move I didn’t get around to doing last weeks draw. These winners will more than likely be announced on the elimination post tomorrow.


Sorry no poll this week as it’s causing issues with the caching software being used to try and increase server performance at peak times

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Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 10 Discussion/Poll

Strictly has left Blackpool behind but for the 7 remaining couples the complete carnage that will be the pasodoblathon (yes that is a word….. just ask the BBC) awaits.

But who shone for you this week and should make it into next week’s quarter final and who shouldn’t have bothered coming back from Blackpool?

You can let me know your thoughts on anything to do with tonight’s show right here in the comments section (comments section will only appear when clicked into a single post and not on the home pages).

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As always a poll will open below once all the couples have danced their solo dances. You will be able to tell me who your 3 favourite couples are when the poll opens.

Week 10: Who were your favourites? (choose up to 3)

  • Joe and Katya (26%, 5,984 Votes)
  • Davood and Nadiya (17%, 3,940 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (16%, 3,614 Votes)
  • Gemma and Aljaz (15%, 3,429 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (11%, 2,387 Votes)
  • Susan and Kevin (7%, 1,670 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (7%, 1,631 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,482

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