Would you like your brand to be seen on one of the most popular Strictly Come Dancing websites during the 3 months leading up to Christmas? provides the results for BBC Strictly Come Dancing before the Sunday Results Show and before any other dedicated spoiler source and in 2016 was the most viewed spoiler source (dedicated or otherwise) on the internet! This site experiences rapid growth and traffic spikes during every weekend leading up to Christmas and at its peak in 2016 received approximately 350,000 page views from 140,000 unique users in a 24 hour period. During the 2016 series of Strictly Come Dancing the site experienced traffic growth of 215% and user growth of 297% from the start of the series to the end.

This site’s traffic is broken down in the following demographic

Age/Gender Male Female
Overall 30.56% 69.44%
18-24 0.70% 2.30%
25-34 3.20% 8.28%
35-44 3.83% 9.36%
45-54 7.18% 17.11%
55-64 7.04% 18.53%
65+ 6.97% 15.50%

91.32% of traffic to this site comes from the United Kingdom and 97.35% from Europe. Much of this site’s traffic comes from search engines and this site and/or its social networking channels take up many of the top slots on Google for relevant keywords to this site

Data taken from Google Analytics 22/09/18 to 16/12/18 inclusive

Advertising on this site currently occurs through the Google Adsense network mainly with some additional adverts served by Amazon Associates or Coral/Gala Group however I am more than happy to work directly with an advertiser. The site also runs competitions and I would be happy to work with an advertiser wishing to sponsor future competitions by donating prizes.

The site has social media channels linked above with approximately 21k followers on Twitter and 12k page likes on Facebook (as of April 2019) and advertising or sponsorship could occur on these channels or directly on this site.

If you have any form of proposal you would like me to consider please get in touch by emailing

Please note that this email address is only to be used for people interested in paying for advertising space on this site or its social media channels. All other correspondence will be ignored