Social/Discussion House Rules

The following house rules apply to comments on The Strictly Spoiler Website as well as discussion on Facebook and Twitter in order to make the discussion areas a safe and friendly community for all

  1. Discussion is open to anyone world wide. Accounts will be required with either Facebook, Twitter or The Strictly Spoiler to take part in the discussion and these networks may have their own rules and user requirements which are separate from The Strictly Spoiler
  2. Please keep swearing to an absolute minimum. Some mild swearing may be tolerated if considered appropriate however please remember Strictly is a family show, The Strictly Spoiler is a website that is open to all and your comments may be viewed by minors
  3. Please treat each other with the same respect you would expect them to treat you. We won’t always agree with each other with regards favourite couples, who has been eliminated and who should still be in the competition but this doesn’t not mean other people’s opinions are any less valid than yours
  4. The same applies to contestants and professional dancers. Whilst Strictly participants are advised to avoid reading comments on forums and social media they may not always listen to this advice and some participants and pros are active members of spoiler groups and should be treated with respect
  5. Please refrain from or avoid posting personally identifying information on public discussion areas
  6. Please do not attempt to advertise any product or service. These posts will be subject to moderation and/or where possible an invoice will be raised for advertising at my standard rates. Should you wish to advertise a product or service on this site and/or its social networking channels please see the link above for full details of how to get in touch with a proposal.
  7. Please refrain from discussing the spoiler in a place where it may be viewed by those who do not wish to be spoiled. All discussion should take place either on this site, by commenting on posts on the Facebook page or on Twitter on the #StrictlySpoiler hashtag and by tagging @davejthorp. Other specific spoiler pages and groups that are not operated by The Strictly Spoiler may also exist where discussion can take place but please try to minimise exposure to the spoiler for those who do not wish to be spoiled. In the case of Twitter especially please keep spoiler discussion off the #SCD, #Strictly, #StrictlyComeDancing or other non spoiler hashtags
  8. If a comment is considered to be in breach of these rules one of three things may happen depending on the severity of the breach. These are covered by the next three rules
  9. A warning may be issued by myself or another appointed moderator. This warning will, where possible, be issued as a reply to the infringing comment and will explain why the comment is considered to be inappropriate. The comment may also be edited or otherwise moderated as covered by rule 10 below
  10. A comment may be moderated. Where possible moderation will edit the comment so that it complies with the house rules although in extreme cases it may be necessary to delete or hide the entire comment. This action may also be taken in conjunction with rules 9 and 11 above and below
  11. In extreme cases, or in the case of persistent breach of the rules, a ban may be issued. Depending on the channel used the ban may take various forms such as banning an account or IP address from commenting on this site, banning a user from the Facebook page or blocking a user on Twitter