Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Launch Show Spoilers

Here we go! It’s the first spoiler of the 2021 series and moles are back!!!!! Which is just as well when it comes to the pairings spoiler. The class of 2021 have all been coupled up with the professional they will be spending the next 3 months with and I can reveal that the pairings are…….

  • Adam Peaty and Katya Jones
  • AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington
  • Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova
  • Greg Wise and Karen Hauer
  • John Whaite and Johannes Radebe
  • Judi Love and Graziano Di Prima
  • Katie McGlynn and Gorka Marquez
  • Nina Wadia and Neil Jones
  • Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu
  • Robert Webb and Dianne Buswell
  • Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice
  • Sara Davies and Aljaž Škorjanec
  • Tilly Ramsey and Nikita Kuzmin
  • Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden
  • Ugo Monye and Oti Mabuse

Complaints to the BBC

This spoiler has been sourced from a press leak and confirmed elsewhere and should be accurate

What do you think of the pairings? As always you can let me know your thoughts on that over on Facebook or Twitter. No prizes…… yet! But I have announced the brand new competition for 2021 and with the largest individual prize I have ever given away you do not want to miss the competition this year. Full details can be found here!

Strictly season is kicking off which means the cost of running this website will soon sky rocket. New for 2021 you can join the crew on Patreon. For less than the price of a coffee a month you gain access to the spoiler in an ad free form and also will gain access to the results of the exit poll providing the earliest indication as to how the dance off has gone each week minutes after The BBC vote closes and hours before the spoiler or any other spoiler source.

Or you can support me by making a one time donation using THIS LINK or the button below. Please only do so if you can afford to do so and there is no obligation on anyone to help me out this way.

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Stay tuned as I’ll be launching a poll in the coming days asking who your favourite couples are based on the pairings spoiler alone so look out for that!

The Strictly Spoiler 2021 Competition

After a year absence due to Covid the regular weekly competition is back, bigger and better than ever. And this series really is the biggest as one of you will be winning a huge £500 Amazon UK voucher!

To get involved all you have to do is join the discussion over on Facebook or Twitter each week. One person every week on each network will win a voucher worth up to £100. But this year there is a twist!

Winners can choose to keep their prize. Or they can hand it back for a chance to win the big prize at the end of the series. The choice will be entirely yours……

Boring Legal Bit

  1. This competition is open to all UK and Republic of Ireland residents barring any close family members or friends of the promoter.
  2. The competition will run from 25/09/21 to 18/12/21 inclusive. These dates are provisional and may change depending when the 2021 series of Strictly airs
  3. Each promotional period will run from Midnight Saturday until the following Midnight Saturday with the exception of the final week which will run on the day of the final only.
  4. Each social network has their own pool of prizes which initially comprise of 4*£10 Amazon UK vouchers, 4*£20 vouchers, 2*£35 vouchers, 1*£50 voucher and 1*£100 voucher. Prizes will be randomly allocated a week by means of random number generator and different value prizes will be available to be won each week and on different social networks. Participants can keep track of the available prizes using the matrix below. The promoter also reserves the right to offer spot prizes at his discretion on the social networks and these will be subject to the same terms including the chance to reject the prize for a grand prize draw entry. Alternatively spot prizes may award direct entry into the grand prize draw without offering an initial prize.
  5. Entrants will be required to comment on the respective social networking profiles in order to enter including the tagging of the profile where required and the use of any hashtags detailed on the social networking profiles.
  6. Entrants will be required to be liking or following the respective social networking profiles in order to be eligible to win a prize
  7. Each week one entry will be selected as a winner on each social network, contacted on that social network and offered the randomly allocated prize for that week or the chance to enter the prize draw at the end of the series for a chance to win a £500 voucher
  8. In the event the promoter believes that an entry is not eligible for reasons of their location, they aren’t following or liking the profiles or for any other reason a redraw will take place
  9. Should a winner decide to enter the grand prize draw their original prize will become forfeit
  10. Each winner will have 7 days from the point that they are contacted to communicate their decision to the promoter. Should they fail to contact the promoter or provide any details requested to allow prize fulfilment in this time the prize will be forfeit and will not be offered to another participant
  11. The first decision received by the promoter as to whether a winner wishes to take the prize or enter the final draw will be considered the final decision and no change of mind will be permitted
  12. During the weekend of the final a winner will be selected at random out of all comments received during the final day on each social network. These winners will not be offered a prize but will earn a place in the grand prize draw
  13. The winner of the grand prize of a £500 Amazon UK voucher will be selected at random out of everyone who chose to reject their original prize for a chance to enter the draw and the final two winners from the day of the final and will be selected as soon after the final as possible
  14. Prizes will be paid out in batches. Any prizes won during September or October will be paid by the end of November. Any. prizes won during November will be paid by the end of December. Any prizes won during December including the Grand Prize will be paid by the end of January 2022. These are the latest dates in which prizes will be paid out and prizes may be paid earlier at the promoters discretion
  15. The promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions should he be required to for any reasons out of his control or withdraw the competition for the same reasons. This includes but is not limited to reasons relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, the withdrawal or suspension of the social networking profiles or alterations to the format or length of the 2021 series of Strictly by The BBC.
  16. Should the promoter be required to invoke clause 15 above and is unable to offer the grand prize any participant affected by the changes who previously rejected a prize will have their earlier prize reinstated and paid out using details previously supplied
  17. Should the promoter be required to invoke clause 15 above and alter the length of the competition, prizes will be removed at random from the prize pools to accommodate this
  18. Any personal data provided by a winner will be processed in accordance with your rights under GDPR and only used for the purposes of prize fulfilment and only shared with Amazon UK for the same purpose.
  19. The promoters decision in all aspects of this competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  20. This competition is promoted by Dave Thorp t/a The Strictly Spoiler (

Prizes still to be won (correct as of Week 1)

£10 Voucher44
£20 Voucher44
£35 Voucher22
£50 Voucher11
£100 Voucher11
£500 Grand Draw Entry (final week only)11

Number of people in the Grand Prize Draw – 0 (correct as of Week 1)

The Strictly Spoiler Patreon Benefits And FAQs

So a few weeks ago I announced some benefits for those who support me through the patreon page. I just wanted to take a few minutes on here to further explain those benefits, answer some questions that regularly came up and just explain more about the patreon page, what it’s for etc etc

For those of you who don’t know Patreon is a platform that allows people to support content creators such as myself with regular monthly cash pledges. Generally there is an expectation that the creator would provide some kind of benefit for these pledges to their supporters however while the page launched in 2020 due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to provide much in the way of incentive to sign up beyond the warm fuzzy feeling of helping me out. That is something I resolved to change in 2021 and I’ve been talking to the handful of supporters who joined up in 2020 to discuss ideas of incentives with them.

The patreon page will offer the following incentives in 2021

Exit Poll Results

During 2020 the results of my polls were used to generate an indication as to how things have gone to provide a spoiler on Saturday Night before I got the confirmed spoiler. This shouldn’t be necessary in 2021 as moles will be back. As such I intend to provide the results of this poll to patreon subscribers a few minutes after The BBC vote has closed each week to provide them with the earliest indication as to how things have gone hours before the spoiler or any other spoiler source!

Those around last year will know this poll was not always brilliant at predicting a precise bottom two or elimination but was very good at predicting those in danger.

Ad Free Spoiler

It cannot escape your attention that this website is monetised. Through adverts, referral links and donation links. Sadly this is a necessary evil as this site is expensive to operate and operating it is my job and I do have to make a living, as do we all.

However I will be providing the spoiler to patreon subscribers in an ad free format as the amount they contribute through the patreon platforms massively eclipses the amount I’d make from them coming to the website and viewing the ads

Since announcing these perks I’ve had a few questions on social media which I’d like to take a minute to answer and will also update this post if I get any other questions coming in

Is this a paywall?

Absolutely not!!!!!!

I’m not a believer in paywalls and were I to paywall this site all that would happen would be that people would go elsewhere to source their spoiler. This is about providing added value to those people who regularly provide donations. These people have been invaluable during the last year in helping to cover my costs which I incur all year round and I won’t lie I’m currently living off fumes whilst I wait for Strictly season to start again and its been a struggle the last couple of months.

The majority of visitors to this website will not notice any difference. The spoiler will still be here. The polls will still run with results available once the spoiler comes in just like it was last year. Nothing is changing for any regular visitors or those who choose not to support me, are unable to support me or those who support me in other ways.

Can only patreon subscribers vote in the polls?

All website visitors will be able to vote in the polls as normal and see the results. The results will only be available when the spoiler comes in though.

All patreon subscribers will get is a snapshot of the poll results taken when The BBC vote closes with those results plugged into the Strictly scoring system to combine them with the judges scores and generate a result. This result may or may not be accurate and is only intended to provide an early indication as to how things have gone for the truly impatient people among us.

If I make a one off donation through PayPal can I access the Patreon content?

Unfortunately as Patreon is its own platform there is no way for me to easily implement this. PayPal donations are an important revenue stream to me and remain open for those who wish to and can afford to use them. They also massively help me out with my cash flow early on the series especially last year when things were delayed by a month as I don’t tend to start receiving an income from the adverts until late November as they are always paid a month in arrears for the previous month.

If I switch energy to Octopus Energy can I access the Patreon content?

The answer to this is pretty much the same at the PayPal. I am hugely grateful to those who have switched energy through my referral link. You guys paid my energy bills this year which is one less expense to worry about which helps no end when I make all of my annual salary in the space of 3 months and then have to budget for the remaining 9 months. However as all I get from Octopus Energy is the name of those who have switched there is no way for me to implement this not least for similar reasons to the PayPal answer above.

Does it matter which level I sign up to on Patreon

The Patreon page has a number of tiers set up ranging from £3 per month up to £50 per month. All benefits are currently the same though and the purpose of the different tiers is to allow people who choose to sign up to sign up at a level they are comfortable with. And as I’ve said before I’d rather have more people on the £3 or £5 levels than a few people on the higher levels.

It is possible this may change in the future were I to add more benefits however this is something I would always discuss with my supporters over on Patreon

You’re running a competition, couldn’t you just not run that rather than having monetisation?

Firstly the competition prizes are paid for out of the advertising revenue I receive from this site so monetisation is needed either way. This site also costs me hundreds of pounds per month when strictly is on to operate even without the competitions so again monetisation is necessary even if this weren’t my job.

Secondly they are set up in a way that my presence on Facebook/Twitter is increased due to an increased level of comments on my social pages. Were I not to run these I would likely have to pay the social networks for advertising which would be less effective and likely cost me more.

The entirety of my marketing budget is spent on providing the prizes for the competitions and they are run as an alternative to commercial advertising as I feel it better that the money is given back to my fans rather than in the pockets of people like Mark Zuckerberg who is rich enough as it is!

Speaking of the competition full details of how it will work this year are coming in the next day or so

How do I sign up to the Patreon page?

You can find the patreon page here

How can I make a one off donation towards your operating costs?

This can be done through PayPal either by using this link or by clicking the button below

How can I check my energy prices and switch?

Energy prices are at the highest level they have been for years and are continuing to rise with the price cap increasing next month. This is really the best time to check prices and lock in a deal. You can check your prices with Octopus Energy using my magic link and if you complete a switch through that link you get £50, I get £50 and you also get 100% renewable electric. Win for your pocket and for the planet!

How else can I support you?

Just by visiting this site, getting involved with the content on it or the polls or by sharing links on your social networking pages. All increases my visibility to other users which increases the number of people visiting the site.