Strictly Come Dancing – Week 7 Spoilers

Time again to reveal what the BBC don’t want you to know for another day but thanks to the miracle that is the Internet you can easily find out. So just who will be leaving during tomorrow’s not live from Wembley results show?

Richard and Nicky had to dance off. The judges saved Nicky. Richard is out!

Complaints to the BBC as usual

Strictly Come Dancing Week 6 Spoilers

Well it was an unusual week for Strictly as Bruce took a week off to undergo his longevity treatment – a series of injections designed to help him cheat death for another week. However you won’t need longevity treatment in order to find out the results of tomorrow’s not live results show as here they are.

Kimberley and Fern had to dance off. The judges saved Kimberley. Fern was eliminated and not even Artem’s chest could save her.

As usual complaints over me being able to spoil the results should be directed to the Director General of the BBC. You may be waiting a while for a response though as they don’t have one at the moment!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5 Spoilers

Well Ola being eliminated eliminated some of my reason for watching the live shows and now thanks to the miracle that is the Internet you can eliminate any reason for watching tomorrow’s not live results show. Yes not even Len’s Lens will make watching the not live results show worthwhile. And that is because it’s that time again where I tell you what the BBC cannot be bothered to tell you for another day or so and that is the results. So here they are:

Colin and Richard had to dance off. The judges saved Richard. Colin is eliminated!

As normal direct complaints over it being possible to read the results on the internet long before the BBC show you them to the BBC