Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Finalists – Alexandra and Gorka

It’s time for part two in my four part series where I take a look at each of the 4 finalists and their Strictly journey so far. Taking them in the order they qualified for the final next up is Alexandra and Gorka

Best Dance

Alexandra and Gorka’s best dance of the series came in last week’s semi final where their Salsa scored a maximum 40 (10,10,10,10). It’s worth mentioning too that they have come 1 point off scoring a maximum on 5 occasions this series

Worst Dance

Alexandra and Gorka’s worst routine, and for the record the only time they scored below 30 (adjusting week 5 for the lack of Bruno) was all the way back at the start of the series in week 1.

Their waltz scored just 24 with the judges (5,6,6,7)

Average Score

Alexandra and Gorka have scored a total of 456 points across 13 routines. Weighting week 5 to compensate for the lack of Bruno this makes for an average of 35.7. The highest average of the four finalists

Number of times in the Dance Off

In spite of their impressive average Alexandra and Gorka have been in two dance offs this series.

Their first was in week 10 after their Rumba. They survived this dance off with Susan and Kevin

Their second dance off was the following week in week 11 after their Charleston when they went from top of the judges leaderboard to the dance off. This time they survived against Davood and Nadiya

Odds of winning

At the moment Coral’s online systems are down but Paddy Power have Alexandra and Gorka down as a 7-1 shot to lift the glitterball on Saturday

Can they do it? On paper they are the strongest contestants in this final with an impressive average score with the judges. But on Saturday it is entirely down to the public. Alexandra and Gorka have been in the Dance Off more than any of the other finalists and actually they’ve been in it as often as the other 3 finalists put together.

Their public support also saw them plummet from joint top of the judges leaderboard in week 11 to the Dance Off. It would take a very strong final and picking up a lot of floating voters for them to be named champions on Saturday but you never know it could still happen and I wouldn’t entirely write them off yet even though it would seem like they don’t have enough public backing to win.

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