Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Pre Week 5 Betting Update

It’s been quite a while since we last had a look at the betting for Strictly and there’s been quite a shakeup in the market following the three eliminations and the performances since our last look. So let’s take a quick look at the current prices from Coral!

Outright Winner

Jay and Aliona – 5/4
Peter and Janette– 7/2
Katie and Anton – 6/1
Helen and Aljaž – 9/1
Kellie and Kevin – 14/1
Georgia and Giovanni – 14/1
Anita and Gleb – 14/1
Jamelia and Tristan– 66/1
Kirsty and Brendan – 100/1
Ainsley and Natalie – 100/1
Carol and Pasha – 100/1
Jeremy and Karen – 100/1

We have a new favourite. Following their week 3 Jive, Jay and Aliona have emerged as the new favourites to lift the glitter ball. At one point last week they were odds on but their drop down the judges leaderboard last week has made them a slightly more attractive 5/4. It’s still very early days though and it is possible that they peaked too soon. Peter Andre moves to second favourite at 7/2 which is more attractive than his early price.

Katie and Anton are rising up the book in a similar way to their rise up the judges leaderboard and are now 3rd favourites at a still fairly attractive 6/1.  A lot of people would love this to be Anton’s year, most of all anyone who took their early prices which were in the region of 40/1 before the series began.

There’s some slight drifting in the middle of the board. Helen and Aljaž go to 9/1 which is also a tempting price and Anita and Kevin are a very attractive 14/1. At the bottom end of the book no change for Carol and Pasha and Jeremy and Karen who remain no hopers at 100/1 however they’ve been joined by Kirsty and Brendan who despite being one the early favourites have not lived up to their early prices and who have been my bets for elimination for the last 3 weeks! Jamelia and Tristan have also drifted out to a 66/1 shot.

4th Elimination

Kirsty and Brendan – 11/10
Carol and Pasha – 3/1
Ainsley and Natalie – 4/1
Jamelia and Tristan – 6/1
Jeremy and Karen – 10/1
Georgia and Giovannia – 40/1
Anita and Gleb – 40/1
Kellie and Kevin – 66/1
Katie and Anton – 80/1
Helen and Aljaž – 80/1
Peter and Janette – 100/1
Jay and Aliona – 100/1

Still basically a flip of the winning market Kirsty and Brendan are clear favourites to be eliminated due to a combination of their generally poor performance and them being in the dance off last week. However the possibility of a Dance Off Bounce from the viewer votes and the completely unattractive virtually even money price means they won’t be getting my bet this week like they have every week so far.

There’s more value to be had lower down the list with Carol and Pasha a pretty good bet at 3/1 although they’ve not been in a dance off so we don’t know much about their viewer vote as yet. Previous Dance Off survivors Ainsley and Natalie or Jamelia and Tristan at 4/1 and 6/1 respectively seem better bets and my money may well go on Jamelia this week (as it did in week 2 along with Kirsty) as Ainsley at least has some comedy factor even though Jeremy seems to being marketed as the comedy contestant this year and comedy contestants usually last longer than they should do!

Not much to say about the rest as it would take a huge surprise for any of them to be anywhere near the dance off and their prices reflect this!

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Prices and offers correct at time of publishing

Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 1 Betting Update

All the couples have now danced for the first time and there will no doubt have been an effect on all markets with the bookies. So lets have a look at the outright winner and 1st elimination markets as they now look at Coral!

Outright Winner

Peter and Janette– 2/1
Helen and Aljaž – 5/1
Jay and Aliona – 7/1
Georgia and Giovanni – 8/1
Katie and Anton – 9/1
Anita and Gleb – 10/1
Kirsty and Brendan – 14/1
Kellie and Kevin – 20/1
Jamelia and Tristan– 20/1
Anthony and Otlile – 25/1
Ainsley and Natalie – 50/1
Daniel and Kristina – 66/1
Iwan and Ola – 100/1
Carol and Pasha – 100/1
Jeremy and Karen – 100/1

Peter remains the strong favourite to win the series at a very short 2-1. Not much value in that price and a bad week could see his odds lengthen to a more attractive price so even if you think Peter is a dead cert I would hold off on taking that price. Not too much movement in the overall field with the biggest movers being Anita and Gleb coming in from 18-1 to 10-1. Katie and Anton continue to surge. From 40-1 when I first looked at the prices to 16-1 last time and now 9-1. The punters clearly think this could be Anton’s year.

Kirsty’s mediocre performance last night has brought her out from 9-1 to 14-1 however the largest lengthening in prices are reserved for Jamelia and Tristan who have moved from one of the early favourites at 13-2 to a longer shot at 20-1. But that’s nothing on Iwan and Ola who were what I incorrectly described as an attractive 25-1 last time but are now joint long shots with Carol and Pasha and Jeremy and Karen at 100-1. Despite the long price I would be hesitant about taking it as they are clear candidates for the 1st elimination unless they perform better next week!

1st Elimination

Iwan and Ola – 11/4
Carol and Pasha – 3/1
Jeremy and Karen – 9/2
Daniel and Kristina – 11/2
Ainsley and Natalie – 8/1
Anthony and Otlile – 14/1
Kirsty and Brendan – 16/1
Jamelia and Tristan – 18/1
Kellie and Kevin – 25/1
Katie and Anton – 40/1
Jay and Aliona – 50/1
Georgia and Giovannia – 50/1
Anita and Gleb – 50/1
Helen and Aljaž – 100/1
Peter and Janette – 100/1

Despite Ola’s popularity (especially with male viewers) and Iwan being a popular signing when he was announced, their poor show last night has placed them favourites to meet the chop at 11/4. With the exception of these and one or two other movers and a reshuffling of the odds not too much has changed in the 1st Elimination market. Anthony, Kirsty and Jamelia are probably the most attractive bets at 14/1, 16/1 and 18/1 respectively as their current leaderboard positions make them a bit more vulnerable than these prices give them credit for and all 3 of them will need to perform significantly better next week to avoid potentially being in the dreaded dance off.

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Prices and offers correct at time of publishing

Strictly 2015 Post Launch Betting Update

With the launch show over and the BBC finally caught up with announcing the couples it’s time to take another look at the betting and see how the partnerships have affected things. Also markets for the 1st elimination have opened so lets take a look at those too:

Outright Winner

Peter and Janette– 5/2
Helen and Aljaž – 13/2
Jamelia and Tristan– 13/2
Jay and Aliona – 13/2
Georgia and Giovanni – 7/1
Kirsty and Brendan – 9/1
Anthony and Otlile – 14/1
Katie and Anton – 16/1
Anita and Gleb – 18/1
Kellie and Kevin – 20/1
Ainsley and Natalie – 20/1
Iwan and Ola – 25/1
Daniel and Kristina – 40/1
Carol and Pasha – 66/1
Jeremy and Karen – 100/1

There’s been quite a bit of change in the market particularly in the middle order. Peter Andre remains the early favourite and has come in from 4/1 to 5/2. Jamelia has joined Helen and Jay as the second favourite on 13/2. The biggest mover is Katie whose partnership with popular pro Anton has moved her in from 40/1 to 16/1. Ainsley has drifted out from being one of the early favourites at 11/1 to 20/1. Despite being partnered with previous winner Ola, Iwan has drifted to 25/1 from 11/1 which is quite a tempting price. The tail end of the market remains largely unchanged but prices have drifted out to try and tempt crazy punters to have a punt on no hopers.

1st Elimination

Jeremy and Karen – 3/1
Carol and Pasha – 4/1
Daniel and Kristina – 5/1
Iwan and Ola – 8/1
Ainsley and Natalie – 10/1
Kellie and Kevin – 10/1
Anita and Gleb – 11/1
Katie and Anton – 12/1
Anthony and Otlile – 14/1
Kirsty and Brendan – 22/1
Georgia and Giovannia – 33/1
Jay and Aliona – 40/1
Jamelia and Tristan – 40/1
Helen and Aljaž – 40/1
Peter and Janette – 100/1

For the first elimination basically take the outright winner market and flip it on its head. Jeremy is the clear favourite to make the first chop with Carol and Daniel not far behind.

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Prices and offers correct at time of publishing

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