Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Children In Need Spoilers

The Children In Need Special is a couple of weeks away but this is the Strictly Spoiler and I wouldn’t be The Strictly Spoiler if I didn’t have a spoiler for you. So without any further ado here is the information about the Children In Need Special

The Special was participated in by members of Boyzone. The special was won by Shane and Luba

Complaints to the BBC

As per last year I will be making a donation to Children In Need in due course so no one can say that posting this spoiler was taking money away from Charity. I will also pay the gift aid on my donation because I don’t earn enough to qualify for gift aid. Following some press attention because of my posting of this spoiler I actually decided to significantly increase the amount I donated to Children In Need from £25 (including my gift aid contribution) to £100.

You can make your own donations by texting DONATE to 70405 to donate £5, 70410 to donate £10 and 70420 to donate £20

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