Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Finalists – Faye and Giovanni

Here we are with the slightly delayed penultimate part in my series where I take a look at the 2018 finalists journeys so far in Strictly. Continuing in the (no particular) order of qualification that means it is the turn of Faye and Giovanni

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Best Dance

Faye and Giovanni are one of two couples this series to achieve a perfect score managing it in two weekends ago in the Quarter Final where their Charleston impressed all the judges to get their 10 paddles out (10,10,10,10)

Worst Dance

Faye and Giovanni’s worst routines came first of all in week one where their Cha Cha scored 29 points with the judges (7,8,7,7)

They also hit 29 points again in week 4 with their Rumba (7,7,7,8)

Average Score

Faye and Giovanni have amassed a total of 464 points across 13 routines on their way to the final making for an average of 35.7. The second highest of all the finalists. We are obviously discounting the car crash that was the Lindy Hop athon in those stats

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Like two other finalists covered earlier in this series, Faye and Giovanni have never faced a dance off on route to the final

Odds Of Winning

Faye and Giovanni are currently 8-1 with bookmakers Paddy Power to lift the Glitterball tomorrow.

Can They Win?

Faye and Giovanni are a tricky one to place. Like 2 other finalists they have never been in the Dance Off and so we have no clue how much public vote they are getting other than the fact that they are getting more votes than Ashley and Pasha who I’ll be previewing later today.

As far as my polls have gone they’ve polled well but not as well as some of the other finalists. Their problem may stem from her previous career in Steps and Musical Theatre though they aren’t picking up as much flack for that as another couple I’ll be talking about tonight. They get some flack for previous dance experience because of course dancing in music videos to 5678 and Tragedy is identical to dancing on Strictly.

12% of visitors to this website wanted them to win after the semi final which places them 3rd out of the finalists.

Truthfully it would probably take a really good final, a slight change in the public mood and the judges scoring being consistent for all 4 finalists in order for Faye and Giovanni to pick up the win. Plus Joe’s fans will all have to be asleep because as I’ve covered before I strongly believe they may be the deciding factor tomorrow night

What do you think of Faye and Giovanni, are you supporting them and do you think they will lift the glitterball tomorrow? You can let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter as normal

The final part of this series should land later on today where I will be looking at Ashley and Pasha. Shortly after which I will be ducking for cover!

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