Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Finalists – Joe and Dianne

It’s time for the first part in a 4 part series where I take a look at your finalists for 2018 and their Strictly journey so far. Taking the finalists in the order they qualified for the final we start with Joe and Dianne

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Best Dance

Joe and Dianne’s best routine with the judges was their Quickstep in Blackpool week which scored 38 (8,10,10,10)

Worst Dance

Joe and Dianne’s lowest scoring routines were their American Smooth from week 3 which scored 26 points (6,7,6,7)

Their Cha Cha Cha the following week also scored 26 points (5,7,7,7)

Average Score

Not including the Lindy Hop athon because why would you include it (and the judges are still deciding on their scores for it) Joe and Dianne have amassed a total of 408 points across 13 routines making for an average score of 31.4. This is the lowest average of the 4 finalists

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Like two other finalists Joe and Dianne have never ended up in the bottom two and faced a dance off

Odds Of Winning

Joe and Dianne are at the time of writing 9/4 with Paddy Power to lift the Glitterball on Saturday making them the second favourites with the bookies

Can They Win?

On paper Joe and Dianne are the weakest of the finalists but that means nothing as the final is decided purely on viewer votes so the question is will Joe get enough votes to hand him the glitterball?

In all honesty this depends on one thing and one thing alone. Can Joe motivate his fans (many of whom aren’t in Strictly’s usual audience demographic) to vote for him? If he can…… he wins hands down because he has millions of them and far more than any other finalist.

Joe and Dianne are currently sitting in 2nd place in my latest poll asking who you want to win the series so its possible the glitterball could be just out of reach for them but like I said it depends on just how many of his YouTube and Twitter followers he can get to vote for him on Saturday.

The 9/4 price offered by the bookies in my opinion underestimates his fanbase and chances of winning and I’ll be biting the hand off the bookies to get some money on him at that price shortly (but don’t listen to me because I’ve already lost two bets on the winner this series)

What do you think of Joe and Dianne, are you supporting them and do you think they will lift the glitterball next weekend? You can let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter as normal

Stay tuned for the next part in this series tomorrow where I’ll be looking at favourites to win: Stacey and Kevin

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