Strictly Come Dancing 2022 Finalists – Molly and Carlos

Here we are with the first part in my four part guide where I look at each of the finalists and their Strictly journeys so far. As always I run this series in the order of qualification for the final and so we begin with Molly and Carlos

Worst Dance

You have to go back to week 5 for their lowest scoring routine. Their couples choice scored a mere(!) 30 points (6,8,8,8)

Best Dance

Their best routine came in last weekend’s semi final where Craig denied them a perfect score (9,10,10,10) for their Paso Doble

Average Score

Molly and Carlos have amassed 452 points from 13 routines making for an average score of 34.8. Only one couple has received more points from the judges and they only received 1 point more than Molly and Carlos

Number of times in the Dance Off

Molly and Carlos have survived a flabbergasting 4 dance offs on their route to the final. The first was in week 5 when, despite being let down by the poor theming, their Couple’s Choice (above) was enough to dispense with Jayde and Karen.

The second time was in week 7. This time her Foxtrot (8,9,9,9) was enough to see Ellie S and Nikita eliminated

Their third dance off came during Blackpool’s Week 9. This time their Jive (8,9,9,9) saved them in a closer Dance Off against Tyler and Dianne. With just Anton electing to save Tyler and Dianne the other three judges put Molly through

Their final dance off came in the Quarter Final Musicals Week. This time their Charleston (9,10,10,9) was enough to see off Kym and Graziano with again Anton being the only judge to try and swing it the other way

Can they win?

It’s a very tough ask to expect someone who has survived 4 dance offs to win the series. And sadly it’s very unlikely that Molly and Carlos will be crowned champions on Saturday regardless of how brilliantly they dance because they don’t have the public support. Some members of the public don’t seem to like the partnership. Some think she has dance experience because attending stage school makes her so well versed in the technicalities of Ballroom and Latin dancing that she has no business taking part in Strictly and should be on the judging panel where her expertise can be put to better use(!)

Sarcasm aside it’s going to take a seismic shift in the public vote for someone who is one of the best dancers in the competition, and certainly the most reliable having never scored below 30, to lift the glitterball on Saturday because why would people vote for one of the best dancers to win a dance competition? That’s utter madness! At the time of writing this post she is currently 3rd in my poll asking which of the finalists you want to win with 7.54% of you wanting them to come out on top on Saturday!

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Stay tuned as later we’ll be continuing this series with Hamza and Jowita