Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Finalists – Stacey and Kevin

Here we are with the second part in my four part series taking a look at each of the finalists. Taking them in order of qualification it is time for Stacey and Kevin

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Best Dance

Stacey and Kevin’s best routines were their Paso Doble from week 10 which only Craig prevented receiving a perfect mark as it scored 39 (9,10,10,10)

Their Charleston in last week’s Semi Final also fell one point short of a perfect score with once again Craig denying them (9,10,10,10)

Worst Dance

You have to go all the way back to week 2 for Stacey and Kevin’s worst performing dance. Their Cha Cha did not impress and scored just 20 points (4,5,5,6) with the judges. This is the lowest scoring worst dance of all the finalists

Average Score

Not including the Lindy Hop athon because why would you include it (and the judges are still deciding on their scores for it) Stacey and Kevin have amassed a total of 430 points across 13 routines making for an average score of 33.1. This is the second lowest average of the 4 finalists

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Stacey and Kevin join 2 of the other finalists in never facing a dance off at any point in their journey to the final

Odds Of Winning

Stacey and Kevin are 2/5 odds on favourites with bookmaker Paddy Power (at the time of writing) to lift the Glitterball

Can They Win?

They have a lot going for them. They are sitting top of my latest poll asking who you want to win. They aren’t laden with the curse of “previous dance experience” which a couple of the other finalists seem to have. Is this finally going to be Kevin’s year after finishing as runner up 4 times during his previous 4 finals.

It’s certainly one of his best chances to win. He’s got a very likeable partner and has built up a good partnership with Stacey. The question for me again simply comes down to whether or not Joe’s fans will vote for him in any kind of the numbers that he has and I covered this at length in my analysis yesterday.

Stacey has been one of the journey contestants this series and certainly has come a long way from her week 2 cha cha which scored 20 and is the lowest score any of the finalists have received by some way and I know a lot of people will be voting for them from the comments I have received and from the votes they have received in my polls

Stacey and Kevin are one of two couples in the final that have a realistic chance of winning in my opinion but I’ve been wrong before (just not about spoilers – except that one time in 2015)

What do you think of Stacey and Kevin, are you supporting them and do you think they will lift the glitterball next weekend? You can let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter as normal

Stay tuned for the next part in this series tomorrow where I’ll be looking at Faye and Giovanni

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