Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Christmas Special Spoilers

Yes here I am again providing a valuable and highly demanded service to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people but that probably wont stop one newspaper labelling me a Grinch out to ruin Christmas for everyone and not just those that seek the information out. And then once one newspaper has run with the story 10 others will follow suit because that’s how lazy journalism works these days. And then not one newspaper will print any festive soap spoilers because that would be hypocritical to criticise me for posting one kind of festive spoiler and then post a different kind themselves. And not one journalist will bother to read any of my previous notes to editors explaining what I do and why I do it HERE, HERE or HERE because that’s far too much hard work.

Right that’s the press hopefully dealt with and with any luck writing far more newsworthy articles about Donald Trump or Brexit. On to the goodies! Because I’ve got your Christmas presents all wrapped up right here but you can’t help but take a peek at them. So here without any further ado are the Christmas Special results:

Participating in the special are

Caroline Flack and Gorka Marquez
Anita Rani and Neil Jones
Anne Widdecombe and Anton du Beke
Aston Merrygold and Janette Manrara
Jake Wood and Luba Mushtuk
Michael Vaughan and Nadiya Bychkova

The special was won by Aston and Janette who performed a Jive to “That’s What Christmas Means To Me” which scored 40 from the judges

Complaints to the BBC

This spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate

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Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Christmas Special Spoilers

The festive grinch is back out to ruin Christmas for millions of Strictly viewers as several newspapers claimed last year. Or more accurately The Strictly Spoiler is back providing a highly demanded (so demanded it routinely breaks web servers) service for many thousands of Strictly viewers who all actively seek it out! But never let facts get in the way of lazy journalism. Incidentally if any journalists want to take issue with me posting the Christmas Special Spoiler much of what I wrote in last year’s Note To Editors is still valid! Shorter version however is that I’m doing this because thousands of people want me to. Anyway I’ve waffled on enough. Here for, those of you who want to know, are the Christmas Special results:

Participating were:

  • Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton
  • Katie Derham and Brendan Cole
  • Colin Jackson and Amy Dowden
  • Robbie Savage and Diane Buswell
  • Judy Murray and Neil Jones
  • Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev

The special was won by Katie and Brendan

Complaints to the BBC

This spoiler has come from an audience mole from a group who have previously provided accurate spoilers and should be accurate.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Christmas Special Spoilers

I’ve got a Brucie Bonus of a spoiler for you this week. The Christmas Special was filmed on Monday but you don’t need to wait the best part of a month to learn who won because the Strictly Spoiler is on hand to tell you the results. So here are the results:

The Christmas Special was won by Melvin and Janette with Frankie and Gorka runners up. Both couples scored 40 with the judges but Melvin and Janette won on audience vote.

The full list of participants and pairings was as follows:

Denise Lewis and Anton Du Beke
Pamela Stephenson and Pasha Kovalev
Melvin Odoom and Janette Manrara
Frankie Bridge and Gorka Marquez
Ainsley Harriott and Karen Clifton
Gethin Jones and Chloe Hewitt

Complaints to the BBC

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