Statement Regarding This Week’s Strictly Spoiler

Well that was kind of embarrassing! Some of you may have spotted a (deliberate(!)) error in the spoiler for this week. Thanks for those of you who have taken to Facebook, Twitter and here to point it out. I hadn’t actually noticed(!)

Before I go on I need to explain about how the spoiler is brought to you each week. As mentioned in the “about” page above, the spoiler is brought to you each week thanks to a network of audience moles who leak the spoiler each week. I don’t have any connection with the show or the BBC. If I did I think I would have been fired by the BBC long ago.

The usual network of moles did not have a mole in the audience last night which made obtaining the spoiler a lot harder so we had to turn to other sources which includes twitter. A user on twitter (I’m not going to point fingers and say who) claimed to have the spoiler which was what was posted to this site as it seemed a plausible result which was that Kirsty and Iwan were in the Dance Off and Iwan was eliminated. Something which after the results show turned out to be just 66% right as Iwan was in the dance off and was eliminated but it was Jamelia and not Kirsty who danced off with him. My usual sources also stated that they had had the result confirmed by two other people which is also why I went with it.

Obviously I’m not happy to have provided a 33% inaccurate spoiler. This is the fourth year I have been doing this and this is also the first time in all the time I’ve been doing this that an element of the spoiler was wrong. Most of my regular visitors, particularly those who talk to me on social media will know that I care a lot about this and those who visit this site. I moved web hosts last year because the site couldn’t cope with the strains being put on it due to an increase in traffic and doubled my hosting costs (which are incurred all year round) as a result. I am genuinely upset that I’ve got it slightly wrong this weekend and that I’ve let you guys down and even though the overall result was correct as Iwan was eliminated so it didn’t really matter who he danced against I am genuinely sorry for getting it wrong this week.

If you want to get your spoiler elsewhere I would understand however I should mention that most if not all other sources get their spoilers either from the same source I do or from this site and all other sources that I saw were posting the exact same thing this weekend and made the same error.

Going forward I will be advising if a spoiler has come from my usual sources and should be confirmed and 100% accurate or if it has come from a less reliable source as it had this week so you will know each week how reliable the spoiler being posted is in future weeks

Complaints to me (I guess I deserve them this week but please go easy on me)

Iwan Thomas Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2015

As revealed to you in the strictly spoiler last night (kind of – more on that later), Iwan and Ola (*sob* no more Ola this series) were eliminated during tonight’s not live results show after a dance off with Jamelia and Tristan.

You can relive Iwan’s short time on strictly in the videos below

Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll and tell me who your favourites were. Hopefully not Iwan and Ola! You can select up to 3 options

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Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 2 Spoilers

I hope you all managed to find the Strictly Spoiler in it’s brand new home. 2014 was a huge year for the Strictly Spoiler and following the success of that year it was time to bring the Strictly Spoiler to a new domain and its brand new home where hopefully we can take the Strictly Spoiler on to bigger and better things. Anyway enough of that, you’ve come here to learn who was eliminated first from the new series of Strictly and thanks to the Internet you can learn just that. So here are the results:

Iwan and Kirsty Jamelia had to dance off. The judges saved Jamelia. Iwan was eliminated!

Complaints to the BBC

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