Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t this site use to be somewhere else?

Yes it did! Formerly homed at Dave Thorp’s Blog since 2012, in 2014 the Strictly Spoiler took off massively and has since been migrated to its own domain and its brand new home for 2015 and beyond.

How do you get the results so soon? The results show is live isn’t it?

No the results show isn’t live, it is pre recorded shortly after the main live show. The BBC goes to great lengths to try and maintain the illusion it is such as ensuring everyone refers to the previous show as being “last night” and even getting presenters to change clothes between shows. This is also the reason why voting lines only remain open for about 5 seconds each show. The only time the results are live is during the final. Not even the BBC are stupid enough to pre record that, although we probably shouldn’t give them ideas. This is the same corporation who brought us Don’t Scare The Hare who who knows what other crazy ideas they have!

Do you work for the BBC?

I’m not a BBC employee either presently or formerly and have no connection with the show (if I was I would have been fired a long time ago for breaching the official secrets act or whatever the BBC equivalent is). I’m just a Strictly fan who finds it ludicrous that in a day and age where information can be transmitted globally in the blink of an eye, that the BBC would still think it is a good idea to pre record the results show of their flagship reality TV show and broadcast it a whole day after the event.

If you don’t work for the BBC, how do you get the spoiler then?

The vast majority of the time the spoiler I provide is taken from a discussion forum I visit who often have moles in the audience to provide them with a spoiler. I take information that is already in the public domain elsewhere on the Internet and provide it for visitors to this site in such a way that it is quick and easy to find

Why do you do this?

Originally this started out as a bit of fun and also a way for me to provide the spoiler to people on Twitter who follow me without the need to send multiple direct messages to avoid spoiling the result for people publicly. I never for one minute expected this site to become as popular as it has done!

As I said above I simply find it ludicrous that in a day and age where it is possible to transmit information globally in a fraction of a second that the BBC could possibly believe it to be a good idea to pre record the results show and broadcast it nearly a full day later. Some people will claim the BBC do it for ratings as the Sunday Night Results Show does draw in a large audience for its time slot. However as a public funded broadcaster who makes no extra money from shows with larger audience figures like commercial broadcasters do, ratings shouldn’t matter one bit to the BBC.

I’m aware that the BBC have to be seen to be providing value to license fee payers, as someone has pointed out in the comments, but the Strictly Come Dancing format is licensed by BBC Worldwide all over the world as Dancing With The Stars bringing significant revenue to the BBC. It would be very hard to claim for the format doesn’t bring value for license fee payers regardless of how many watch the results show and when it airs!

This site has adverts, surely you are doing this for the money?

Actually no. The advertising revenue this site makes is quite small (especially in the first couple of years I did this) and much of the revenue I make is put back in to the site to pay for things like hosting costs which have increased by over 10 times in just two years as I’ve had to move the site twice to progressively more expensive hosting solutions to keep up with the site’s growing needs. The adverts also allow me to fund prizes for competitions for visitors to this site which is my way of giving something back to the people who make the site the success it is.

It’s worth mentioning too that traffic to this site is heavily skewed during the Autumn/Winter months when Strictly is on and also heavily skewed towards the weekends however hosting costs are incurred every day of the week all year round. On my 2015/16 accounts I more or less broke even as any money I made from the advertising revenue was put back into the site to cover hosting costs, competition prizes and other operating expenses. I’m not doing this for the money but for the reasons covered above.§

I’m interested in advertising on the site. How can I get in touch to do this?

At the moment advertising on this site occurs through the Google Adsense network mainly with some additional advertising from Coral Gala Group, Disqus, WordPress and Amazon. The site predominately has a female audience from the UK and most of its traffic comes on the weekends during the weeks leading up to Christmas when Strictly Come Dancing is on the air. Advertising on this site would be ideal for any advertiser wishing to boost their Christmas sales!

You can read more information about the audience demographic of this site, the amount of traffic it receives and how to get in touch with me with a proposal here. I would welcome proposals from anyone wishing to run a banner/text ad campaign on a CPM or CPC basis, anyone wishing to sponsor the site and/or its social networking channels or anyone wishing to provide prizes for the competitions I run in exchange for promotion.

There’s other sites that give the spoiler isn’t there?

Yes there is however I feel this is the original, best and most to the point dedicated spoiler site (pro tip: paragraph 2 is normally where the goodies are) for Strictly Come Dancing on the Internet. Often imitated, with many of those imitations popping up after the success of 2014 although most have given up now, but never bettered! This site has more spoilers than any other dedicated spoiler site and more often than not will have the spoiler first before any other dedicated spoiler site. In fact many other sites and spoiler sources get their spoilers from here as evidenced last year when I made a typo (actually down to autocorrect) in my spoiler and other sources copied and pasted that typo.

As well as the usual weekly spoilers this site has provided spoilers for the Christmas Specials, Contestant Spoilers before the official BBC announcements and pairings spoilers. Before the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2016 this site had already provided 16 spoilers (with a couple more posted on social networks) when many other sites/sources hadn’t provided a single one. This site also rewards its users with regular competitions which other sites don’t do. In 2016 I gave away approximately £650 worth of prizes and I’ve got bigger plans for 2017! This really is the only spoiler site you need!

strictlyspoiler.com also in 2016 became the most viewed source of the spoiler online, beating even my source. Hundreds of thousands of people now depend on the information provided on this site and you can’t argue with that many people. This site and its social media channels are the go to place for the spoiler and for discussing the spoiler online!

There’s a user on Twitter posting the spoiler publicly to the #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlySpoiler and other hashtags. Is this you?

No it’s not. Despite them having a similar name to this site and, until 2015, copying and pasting copyrighted content from this site (complete with occasional typos such as when autocorrect corrected Sunetra to Saunter in 2014) to their twitter feed and passing it off as their own work the user concerned has absolutely nothing to do with me. If you check the posting times (most easily done on the #StrictlySpoiler hashtag) you’ll see that my spoiler post is tweeted long before they post it to twitter each week (more so now they have to type it in their own words). Can’t think why that might be 😉

As for them posting the spoiler to the #SCD and other hashtags inadvertently spoiling the result for many people who don’t actually want to be spoiled, this annoys me as much as it does you. Especially since I’ve had a couple of people on Twitter think that it is me and give me grief for spoiling the results for them. Both the forum I usually get the results from and myself go to significant lengths to try and avoid accidentally spoiling the result for people who don’t want to be spoiled and this user on Twitter is undermining that hard work by plastering the result all over the Strictly hashtags!

The only Twitter and Facebook feeds I currently post the spoiler to are linked at the top of this site and when I post it, although I use the Strictly hashtags as well, I post the spoiler in the form of a clearly labelled link to this site giving people the free choice whether to click on it or not.

Only 1% of Strictly’s Audience come here to view the spoiler. Whilst this small minority are entitled to learn the results in whatever way they see fit and when they see fit, there is no reason to spoil things for the other 99% who like to wait until the not live results (or simply aren’t aware of the existence of the spoiler). I fully understand that not every person who watches Strictly wants to see the spoiler and indeed an overwhelming majority of people wait until the not live results show. This user does not!

Why do you tell people to complain to the BBC?

Originally this started out as something I would add to the posts to encourage anyone who had been spoiled by mistake by the spoiler posts (although as stated above I do try to minimise that happening) to complain about it to the BBC as it is the BBC who make the spoiler possible. Eventually it’s just become something of a catchphrase that I will add to most of my posts.

I don’t for one minute expect anyone has actually complained to the BBC nor do I expect that it would do the slightest bit of good if someone did complain to the BBC as their usual response to complaints is to stick two fingers into their ears and go “la la la la la we are not listening”

How have the BBC reacted to this site?

It has come to their attention and they aren’t too happy about the site or the social media channels I operate. They even had Facebook remove a page I was running during the 2015 series however this was later reinstated following a strongly worded email to them and a petition signed by many visitors to this site. Also when I received media attention for posting the 2016 Christmas Special Spoiler, a BBC spokesperson indicated in those articles that they weren’t happy about the results leaking out and they do try to prevent it.

I’m not sure why the BBC aren’t happy as I personally feel that if the BBC won’t give viewers what they want in the form of a live results then sites like this are a good compromise. I don’t spoil the result for anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled and people have to actually actively seek the spoiler out or click a link off my social network feeds to see the spoiler. A good number of visitors still watch the results show despite knowing the result including myself so this site doesn’t take viewers away from the series (not that viewers should matter to the BBC). The results show has always done very well for viewers, especially given its time slot, and this site doesn’t have an effect on that. The number of people visiting this site over a weekend represents about 1% of the Strictly Come Dancing viewership during the busiest weekend of the 2016 series.

Also If the BBC don’t want the result to leak out there is something very simple they can do to stop it: broadcast the results live!

This site doesn’t really do anything different than news sites or other sites providing spoilers for series such as Game Of Thrones for instance. People read spoilers for TV series all the time but that doesn’t affect how many people watch them nor does it affect the enjoyment of the series for people who have sought out and viewed spoilers.

Why don’t your polls add up to 100%

They should do now. This was a quirk of the poll software and me allowing 3 votes per users but has now been patched. Part of me actually preferred the old way as it reported percentage of users voting for an option rather than percentage of votes received but I don’t have a way to change it back

Who are you anyway?

This site designed and maintained by Dave Thorp. Dave Thorp is a blogger, photographer, occasional YouTuber, photography graduate, marketing postgraduate student and father from Preston in Lancashire.