Strictly Come Dancing 2013 – Week 6 (Halloween Week) Spoilers

It was Halloween in the ballroom with spooks and horrors. But what is truly horrifying is that the BBC still insist on making license fee payers wait a whole day longer than necessary before revealing the results of their main reality TV show. Luckily you, dear reader, have access to the internet and don’t have to wait any longer. So here are the results:

Abbey and Rachel had to dance off. The judges saved Abbey. Rachel was eliminated!

You know what to do!


Strictly Come Dancing 2013 – Week 5 Spoilers

The BBC have a secret they will take to the grave. And it is discovered! By me, you and lots of the many other people with access to the internet. Yes its time again to reveal what the BBC simply don’t like you enough to tell you straight away, and that is who left during tomorrow’s not live results show. So here are the results:

Deborah and Patrick were in the bottom two. The judges saved Patrick. Deborah is OUT

Complaints…… BBC……. you know what to do!

Strictly Come Dancing – Week 4 Spoilers

It’s that time, the BBC have a secret and they aint sharing for another day or so. But you don’t have to be kept in the dark, because you dear reader have the miracle that is the internet. And thanks to this miracle you can find out the result right now. So here it is:

Rachel and Julien had to dance off. The judges saved Rachel. Julien was eliminated!

You know where to complain to!