Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 10 Discussion/Poll

Blackpool is but a distant memory now but the remaining 6 couples now have their sights firmly placed on next week’s quarter final. But they first need to get through week 10 and the Cha Cha Challenge (probably a rebadged Cha Cha athon similar to previous athons)

But who shone for you this week and who should have stayed in Blackpool? You can let me know your thoughts on that or indeed anything else relating to this week’s Strictly right here in the comments section or why not head on over to Facebook or Twitter (remember to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler over on Twitter).

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This week’s poll will open once all the couples have completed their first dance. As always you will be able to choose up to 3 options when voting for your favourites.

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Week 10: Who's your favourite? (Choose up to 3)

  • Danny and Oti (26%, 3,566 Votes)
  • Louise and Kevin (22%, 3,026 Votes)
  • Claudia and AJ (20%, 2,796 Votes)
  • Ore and Joanne (13%, 1,750 Votes)
  • Robert and Oksana (10%, 1,417 Votes)
  • Ed and Katya (9%, 1,201 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,510

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158 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 10 Discussion/Poll”

    1. I just loved the choreography on this one and thought he committed to it. Some very bizarre scores tonight

      1. They were in the bottom two on the leader board as they were the worst dances of the night and for no other reason. The judges were right , unfortunately its the public vote that seems to count and they always seem to get it wrong… as evidenced by the fact that Ed is still in it at all. I dont mind Robert he does at least improve each week ( well up to tonight anyway) but the rumba is always the dance of death.

          1. Not me specifically but the programme is called Strictly Come Dancing…. and Ed very clearly cannot dance

          2. In your opinion. He is nowhere near the standard of the others but to say he “clearly cannot dance” is complete rubbish.

          3. Its not just my opinion the judges also think so not to mention karen and ian off ITT and they are the experts hers lets not forget. That it why hes nearly always bottom. What would anger me more is if a better dancer were voted off instead of Ed. That would really be a shame

          4. Ah the lovely impartial judges. The ones who picked on Jay over and over last year, and hardly every gave him a 10. One of the best dancers ever on the show.

          5. From what i remember the judges loved him most of the time and he did eventually win his dancing was amazing and they frequently said so

          6. Len said outright on the night of the final when asked by Tess who should win – Kevin and Kellie.

          7. Good grief… that was just one night and that was just his opinion on that night he loved jay on other nights. I dont think i minded which won as i liked them both but in the final its only the public vote which counts we decide. Even a judge can swap and change their minds each week

      1. maybe the positions were about right but I dont agree the keveks of scores were right. The cha cha thing was just a time filler. And an opportunity for the judges to increase the score gap

    1. The Music was great! An updated version of “Cry me a River”, by Julie London, but their version was by Justin Timberlake.

  1. Can’t believe how many are voting for Danny. He went to a prestigious dance school and was in Wicked in the West End for two years. It’s just not fair to pit him against absolute dance novices. He’ll get through to the final, but I really hope he doesn’t win.

    1. I agree Barbara, no journey almost professional to start with, I get no enjoyment from that. Think we should all vote for Ed and Judge to wind the judges up.

    2. Dan spent 21 months in Wicked as an Understudy for the role of Boq, which is a minor character, who only partakes in 1 number.

      He didnt attend a dance school – he went to the Arts Education School in London, where he graduated from in 2009 with a BA Hons degree in Performing Arts.

      i dont think they taught the Samba, Argentinian Tango, Charlston, et all there!

      1. Ooooooohhhhh!!! Someone likes Danny I see
        People are entitled to think what they want, IMO I can’t see what the judges see in him
        He sails through with his fake grin while others go under marked

          1. No it isn’t just you! So so arrogant, I would of loved a close up on his face when he came second in the cha chat challenge!

          2. He was smiling all over his face… watch it back if you really want to; he is not arrogant because he is just miles better than everyone else, and it’s nearly impossible to carry that off and still come across as likeable. From what I’ve seen of him in interviews etc he seems as lovely as any of them.

      2. Well done, David, for pointing that out. I get fed up reading on here about people, who’ve been to drama schoo,l having an advantage! They do basic dancing, not bl**dy ballroom and Latin!! Also I am sick of people talking about the Cliftons like they are given an unfair advantage. I think they are both excellent choreographers and are obviously good at teaching their partners. They are still in the competition because the public like them, not because the judges are biased. Stop sniping at people and make constructive comments or don’t bother. Surely this forum should be about supporting the dancers and the programme, not pulling it and them to bits. If you feel that way, just use the channel changer on your remote or turn the tv off!

        1. Some of the people on here are vile! How can you you be so full of vitriol for someone you don’t know? Disgusting

          1. You seem to be displaying plenty of vitriol for people you don’t know right here, calling people ‘vile’ and ‘harpies’. Disgusting. We get that you obviously ‘like’ Danny, but that’s not a license for you to be hypocritical and insult people who don’t fancy him as much as you obviously do.

      3. I know it’s a stage school (I had dance in the brain when I typed it), and I also happen to know how hard it is to get into. You couldn’t even get into a West End chorus line without dance training, let alone any other role. The other contestants just don’t have that background. It’s not a level playing field. It’s not his fault, and he and Oti are fabulous to watch, but the BBC shouldn’t invite ringers to compete.


          To get a qualification in performing arts, you choose one art form to specialise in (ACTING) and only attend very basic classes (if any at all) in the other art forms. The kind of dance Danny would have studied would be the basics of Ballet and/or musical theatre.

          The role of Boq in Wicked is not a dancing role. You do not need advanced dance training to be cast as Boq. End of story.

  2. Louise is good but judges so biased by Clifton factor…
    Feel sorry for Judge & Ed – see what public thinks!!

    1. She was without doubt the worst in the cha-cha-cha challenge and I like her. No way was Rinder 2nd worst. And Claudia has been robbed this week.

      1. Yes I thought she had gapping in waltz and didn’t finish / close her steps
        In cha cha felt sorry for judge as he wasn’t that bad – & Louise wasn’t the best

      1. It’s the favouritism toward family Clifton that has been building up ever since they joined and with the rumours that Len is a godparent to Jo / Kevin showing more being made of them than other dancers
        Kevin never gets a duff dancer and is normally a cert to be in the final
        Last year it was so. Blatent with him and Kelly but the good public backed jay

      1. i feel like theres a performance quality and a way of making it look effortless that danny, louise and ore have but claudia just doesnt. its like a spark that claudia cant get from training and technique. just my personal opinion.

      1. Yes i agree they were good but I believe the judges don’t favour AJ or Claudia and I thought this was an excellent effort. Danny will get loads of votes so doesn’t need mine.

        1. and if everyone thought like that he wouldn’t get any. Much better to vote for the best dancer rather than trying to second guess the public vote. This tactical voting is likely to backfire. Be honest and vote for the one you believe to be the best.

          1. I don’t and won’t vote for someone who not only attended a prestigious stage school, but was in Wicked in the West End for two years. It’s unfair to complete novices like Greg, Ed, The Judge and Claudia.

          2. He was in it yes and did go to s school but has never learned ballroom and latin dancing and last i looked wivked doesnt contain them either so there is no advantage there

          3. I feel it only ever give them a small advantage at the beginning of they’ve been to a dance school with timing but the technique will be very different and will take them just as long to master

          4. the dancing in wicked is about as similar to a samba or an argentine tango as gymnastics is.

          5. But he has been good from Week 1, or is that just coincidence? If you’ve attended different classes yourself then you’ll know how much easier it is to pick up routines when you’ve already been taught something similar, compared to someone who has never been to a class before. I’m not saying his routines are not a dream to watch (especially the last two weeks), but he has had training that the others have never had, and it shows.

            As to Claudia, it’s been pointed out more than once by AJ and the judges that she’s having to unlearn years of gymnastics training for some of the routines, and unlearning is even more difficult than learning from scratch.

  3. Sorry to say my favourite judge rinder could be going home, if British public vote for ed it could be judge v ore in dance off

  4. Dyu know what, I think I want Ed to win. Just for a change someone who is just in it to entertain and enjoy it. He’s not a brilliant dancer but he tries so hard and smiles all the time

      1. He makes me laugh !! Perfect dancers from the start can be a bit predictable. All the others dancers are brilliant, I love watching them all. They’ve been good all the way since the beginning though. Not such a challenge for them

  5. Danny, Ore and Louise were brilliant. Best samba I’ve ever seen from Danny. Oti is an amazing choreographer. Just what strictly needs to bring it up to date.
    I think Ed should go, even though I love him. Be interesting to see how the public votes. I suspect judge and Claudia in the dance off and then judge will go.

      1. The challenge is, I suspect, used by the judges so that they can fiddle the marks further to favour their pets. This year, for once, I had only a minor disagreement with their challenge scores – usually I have a major one.

      1. I don’t mind Craig and like that he knows there is 1-10 panels installed of 1-6 and his honesty about how they have done

    1. No it wouldn’t – for example Danny and Oti now have to share maximum points with Louise and Kevin – without the challenge Louise and Kevin would have been in second place.

  6. Was it just me or did anyone else think Ore (the Bore) was going to start crying when Craig pointed out his mistakes/flaws tonight?

  7. well Ed, its been fun, but its time to go. Its about time the “Great British Public” realised that its called ‘strictly come DANCING’ not ‘Strictly come God loves a trier’

    Dan was the Man!

    1. I have to say if it were down to me personally and I had to choose between Ed and Danny, I’d keep Ed on the grounds that I dislike Danny and, bluntly, I’d hate him to win.

      1. Mmmm thats not quite playing the game though is it,i thought the idea was to vote for the best dancer. Now i ‘m not the biggest fan of Danny but hes a great dancer

        1. I’m pretty sure the presenters say “Vote for the couple you’d like to see back next week.” or words to that effect. I’d like to see the back of Danny and I’m far from convinced about Oti, although she is a good choreographer.

          1. Im warming to oti slowly shes really come into her own this year and we have seen what she is capable of

      1. Neither did I.
        I find all his dances rushed and his posture is poor
        Not looking forward to seeing him on tour ?

        1. Don’t read it then
          This is a discussion, you’re never going to get everybody liking everybody else, we are entitled to an opinion

    1. He’s all false humility and it does my nut when he goes on about putting the hours in, of course he can put the hours in- he’s the only one left I believe who doesn’t have an actual day job

          1. No I don’t which is why I would never make comments like yours, and that goes for any of them!

          2. That he infuriates me? That’s hardly harsh comments, you must live in Disneyland if you think that’s bad!

  8. Notice how when it’s not one of the favourites dancing (Danny, Ore, Louise), the judges get critical (See, Claudia was massively undermarked again). Think we need a new set, get rid of them all and start afresh.

      1. Because I felt she deserved a ten, or two. they gave Ore a ten for a mess of a Paso and Danny a forty for a Samba when Oti was leading him instead of the other way around.

  9. I think it’ll be Ed and Rinder in the bottom two. If Ed were to get his posture right it’ll be a very tight decision.

  10. Judge Rinder deserved more than 6 from Craig. Thought Louise an Ore was brilliant. Am not keen on Danny am afraid.

  11. The scoring from the judges is a bit erratic, doesn’t always seem to reflect the content. Claudia and AJ deserved much better scores

  12. Tonight my favourites were Claudia and Louise. Didn’t care for Danny or Ore tonight. Judges have decided who their favourites are and it showed

  13. Perhaps after the Blackpool week it should be just down to the public vote . It is a tv show and the public will decide what they think is best.
    I thought when the judges sail that Claudias balance was great….well of course it is she is a rythmic gymnast! Also fed up of sexual innuendos when the show is intended fir family viewing.
    RANT over.

    1. She isn’t a rhythmic gymnast actually, she is an artistic gymnast. And the point still stands, even if it stating the obvious.

      I agree with you about the sexual innuendos, it comes across quite creepy.

      1. I don’t know much about Wicked, apart from it’s based on a witch from The Wizard of Oz, but I’m fairly sure the show doesn’t feature any ballroom or Latin numbers. Danny is magnificent, pure and simple. Stage schools don’t have ballroom/Latin on the curriculum; Danny is naturally a sensational dancer 🙂

      2. he’s an actor. of course he went to stage school. (also its worth mentioning that not everyone at performance schools and academies is a dancer or even takes dance classes.)

  14. I want Ed to win simply because he is the most entertaining and the one who people tune in to see and pay to vote for him.

    Remember this is to raise money for a charity, Children in Need, and the more people who vote for Ed, the more money raised for charity. Which is the ration d’etre of the show.

    And as for Len who said that if Fred Astaire himself were to enter, he would not win it, just shows me what a poor judge of dancers he really is! And Fred Astaire even has a verb named after him, he was that good.

    The judges have their favourited so let’s show them who is really in charge. Us. The paying public.

    Vote Ed and raise money for charity!

    1. If thats the reason people are voting for Ed then i vote we just give loads directly to the charity and get rid of Ed……. now that makes sense!!!!!!!!!

          1. There was a time when a portion of the revenue raised from the phone vote went to one of the BBC charities. That doesn’t happen anymore although in the unlikely event the BBC makes a profit from the phone vote I believe that will still go to charity

  15. I thought Claudia was wonderful this week. The Argentine tango really played to her strengths (literally and figuratively!) as a gymnast. Very surprised she didn’t get at least one 10. I loved Oti’s samba choreography too – she really is proving to be an amazingly talented addition to the strictly professionals.

  16. I really enjoyed it tonight most of them have really upped their game and lifted it a notch. You can now feel that they are competing with each other. Its now quite serious and the weakest need to go

  17. You could have predicted the order of the cha cha cha thing without seeing them dance except for Danny and Louise. The judges are trying to manipulate the final. Which should be Danny Louise and Claudia but they are all over Ore. Possibly because of the BBC link. Consistently over marked. If Ed were to get to the final then Strictly ends for me. I agree the public should get a voice to temper the judges clear bias towards certain people but the public can’t be trusted to be realistic. Forget entertainment, it is fundamentally a dance competition and keeping someone in to satisfy someone’s perverse thirst for seeing someone else make a twat of themselves makes the public vote a mockery.

    1. I agree in part. To me Danny was by miles the best, but after him I put in joint second place Ore and Claudia. I found Louise disappointing , Judge adequate and Ed just so bad – by far his worst dance for a long time: I didn’t even find it entertaining, let alone well-danced.

  18. Claudia is absolutely amazing, she completely smashed the Argentine Tango and deserved at least one 10 liks come on be fair

    1. Considering AJ had never danced an Argentine Tango before it was amazing. That said it does call into question the whole professional selection process

  19. Oti and Danny were incredible. First time a samba has left me speechless and definitely the first samba I have watched more than once!

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