Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Children In Need Spoilers

Well this is a first, and no doubt something that will make newspapers complain I’m a grinch out to ruin charity, but this year I have learned the results for the Children In Need special of Strictly. And thanks to the Strictly Spoiler you can learn them too. So here they are……

The participants are:

Konnie Huq and Neil Jones
Radzi Chinyanganya and Chloe Hewitt
Tim Vincent and Dianne Buswell
Anthea Turner and Brendan Cole
Diane-Louise Jordan and Pasha Kovalev
Mark Curry and Amy Dowden

The special was won by Mark and Amy

Complaints to the BBC

This spoiler has come from an audience mole from a spoiler group who has previously supplied spoilers and should be accurate.

Just so there can be no claims from anyone that I’m trying to ruin charity, because we know what the UK press can be like, I will donate any revenue this site makes on the day this spoiler is posted (which believe me wont be much) to Children In Need. You can make your own donations to children in need by texting DONATE to 70405 to donate £5, texting DONATE to 70410 to donate £10 or DONATE to 70420 to donate £20. For more information or other methods to donate please see the BBC Children In Need Website

3 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Children In Need Spoilers”

  1. Why would you ruin a charity? People only come here to read spoilers.
    They know what they are getting when they come here….

    1. You must have missed all the news articles last year when I posted the Christmas special spoiler saying I has a grinch out to ruin Christmas. Just covering my back ?

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