Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 12 Discussion/Poll

The final is almost upon us but before they can think about the glitterball there is one more hurdle to navigate, the semi final!

Who deserves a place in next week’s final? And who should be so cruelly left behind after getting so close? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s show right here at the home of the Strictly Spoiler in the comments section below (only appears on single posts and not the home pages)

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Each time you join the discussion you earn an entry to win one of 3 Amazon UK vouchers I have to give away each and every week. I’m still behind with the prize draws for various reasons I’ve already covered but I will catch up by the end of the series!

As always (besides last week) a poll will open right here as soon as all the couples have performed both their dances. This week I’m asking who you want to win the glitterball next weekend. You can pick just one winner!

Who do you want to lift the glitterball next week? (Select ONE answer only)

  • Joe and Katya (51%, 8,306 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (17%, 2,795 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (14%, 2,224 Votes)
  • Gemma and Aljaz (13%, 2,064 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (6%, 1,027 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,416

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48 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 12 Discussion/Poll”

  1. think Debbie may struggle this week and next if she gets there, she’s in rehearsals for panto, and to be honest her age and stamina will be against her. saying this up front. hope I’m wrong. think from costume at start she’s doing the jive first so the more energetic one first.

  2. I’m glad Craig didn’t pander to Debbie, that dance definitely wasn’t her best. I really think Joe deserves more credit than he’s getting, I think he’s a fantastic dancer. Alexandra is great as usual, Gemma is steadily getting better, and Mollie is faltering a little.
    Mollie should be the one to go, but with the public, who knows anymore.
    For me, Joe is the winner, because he’s had no dance experience and has improved so much throughout the series, compared to Debbie and Alexandra who have just been good the whole time.

    1. Joe isn’t the beginner everybody think he is when it comes to dance experience, he has an extensive musical theatre background. That said, I’d be happy if either him or Alexandra won as they are the best dancers in my opinion.

      1. but Rent and How to Succeed have no dance…and his role only in Chitty had one major dance…and he was in Chitty ten years ago. so while not an absolute novice, not exactly lots of dance experience either. and he didn’t go to stage school where you learn that kind of craft either. he got into acting while at a normal state secondary school in Scotland (in the soap Take the Highroad) and took his career on from there. Not exactly the same as being directed and choreographed by Craig in Sister Act with it’s latin-inspired disco routines.

        1. In Rent, Joe would have had to learn how to Tango as the character he played does a tango routine in the musical. Also there is dancing in how to succeed in business without really trying. I myself went to state funded secondary school in Scotland so he most likely was taught how to Ceilidh dance like I was (some of those feature dancing in ballroom hold and almost all are done with a partner). Despite Craig having directed/choreographed her in Sister Act, he has been critical about every dance she has done on the show except for her Salsa last night.

          1. Thank you for pointing this out, Joe is always quick to say “I have no dance experience” there was plenty of dancing in Chitty Bang Bang! I have seen “Sister Act” and apart from the usual side step there was nothing else. I’m actually fed up of people saying “I won’t Joe to win as he’s the only one that’s started from scratch!” If people reprimand Alexandra for the two West End shows she has done then surely the same rule applies to Joe!

  3. If I could have voted for three I would have voted for Joe, Gemma and Debbie. Alexandra had wobbles but the judges still gave her tens, whereas Joe and Katya’s Argentine Tango was jaw dropping but they took marks off. I am quite disturbed by the failure to notice/mark down Alexandra’s mistakes.

  4. I am a bit tired of the judges trying to manoeuvre the placings with their scores so they can have their favourites out of the dance off. Personally looking forward to a Debbie/Alexandra dance off because Craig will implode, but it does mean there will be an unsightly sight of speedos or a tutu next week

    1. So you want a pair out solely to get a reaction?
      Gemma and Molly were by far the poorest. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

      1. No. I am tired of favouritism on the part of the judges. It’s part dance contest and part simple popularity contest. Am happy to be an idiot because I for one don’t take it too seriously

        1. This is the issue. Look at how poor Molly is and think back to when Aston left and how much better he was even back then. Popularity should not be involved as it ruins the show’s essence.

          1. the judges mark on technique and the viewers vote on what they want to watch and who has impressed them most. if it was only ever “the best dancer” then it would be utterly predictable as whichever celeb with recent professional dance experience was cast would win.

          2. did I say “professional ballroom dancer”?
            no…I didn’t. I said “celeb with recent professional dance experience”

          3. … but it’s a ballroom competition for celebrities with all sorts of professional back grounds, and “professional dance experience” doesn’t even make sense! and none of the celebs on the show has “recent professional dance experience” as you put it, that doesn’t even make sense, you’re either a professional dancer or your not, you can’t experience a profession!

      2. Only an idiot would call someone an idiot just because of a difference of opinion! Alexandra and Debbie have not improved like the others. But you are entitled to think otherwise. That is your opinion

  5. I do not care who wins as long as it is the best couple, not those that have improved the most.
    Molly was easily the poorest tonight and should go.

    1. but the BBC could just manipulate who wins every year by casting someone with recent professional dance experience knowing that they will be “the best”? how very tedious

      1. Professional dance experience does not mean the know the steps/rules of the traditional dances. All they have is a better grasp of musicality.

        1. And of course the fact that Joe has just been written out of Holby (filmed some time ago) so he can ‘return’ to musical theatre seems to not matter! He has done musical theatre, a lot more than Alexandra, but as long as people think it’s OK for Joe to have previous experience but not Alexandra, we will have a repeat of last year. Very sad really that people can be so nasty about someone who is just doing their best and enjoying their time on the show. As for the judges marking badly, they’ve done it to everyone, this year has been a ‘disaster darling’ as Craig would say! And you are right Ian, previous dance experience does not mean a thing when it comes to ballroom, but that doesn’t seem to matter either!

          1. but Joe’s muccial theatre experience to date had almost no dance – because Rent, How to Succeed in Business and Torch Song Trilogy literally have no dance at all…and his character in Chitty ten years ago had one major dance.
            And most people I know have less of an issue with Alexandra having some dance experience as such…it is because she has dance experience in a musical that was directed and choreographed by Craig only last year. Bit like going for a job interview to find that someone else being interviewed has already been working for someone on the interview panel

          2. But Joe has been constantly congratulated on his musicality, where do you think he gets that from? Past experience. As for the comment about Craig, really, we all know you have to be perfect to get a 10 from Craig, and he has been as critical about Alexandra as the rest so that holds no water. So what if she did work with Craig, he is professional enough to not let that affect his outlook, as we have seen, because if that was an issue, she’d have had 10’s from him all the way through. If anything he’s probably been tougher on her than the others. What dance has there been in the musicals Alexandra has done – Sister Act, very little, The Bodyguard, even less. As for her trying for the sympathy vote, she’s had a really bad week with the press making up stories, the Daily Fail being the worst culprit, but that’s nothing new for them! What they have put her through is a disgrace, and the fact that the public are perpetuating it is even worse!

          3. agreed that musicality is relevant…but that applies to over 50% of the contestants every year – boyband/girlband alumni, actors with any musical theatre experience, someone with ballet training. But sorry, totally disagree re: Alexandra’s experience of working with Craig. and Sister Act was (and I quote from the Manchester Evening News review of the show) “[Alexandra Burke’s] performance is strong, especially once she gets into her stride. Drawing on her vocal strengths, she belts out the powerful tunes and launches herself into the disco dance routines with vigour.” I also saw it twice at the Playhouse in Edinburgh as my sister-in-law works in the wardrobe department there…and I saw lots of latin-inspired disco dance routines. Far less dance in The Bodyguard, I agree.
            And I have never said a single word here or on any other thread about Alexandra and any “sympathy vote”. I know how it feels to lose a parent when you are young – my father died when I was 24 and I absolutely defended her tears in the first show, why should she NOT be emotional.

          4. and again, thank you for the civilised discussion. far too many people willing to just insult you because you have a different opinion!

          5. btw, Ian and Shaarilu57. thank you for having an exchange of very differing views while remaining civil. it is very refreshing not to just have insults hurled around because we hold different opinions. I actually do read and think about everything you have said…and would agree that the marking has been “a disaster darling”.
            Dance experience comes in many different forms and styles and at very different times, some very recent and some 40 years ago; that experience has a whole load of pros – and some cons.

          6. Yes Patti thank goodness Ian didn’t sink to calling people idiots for having a different opinion to him!
            Your points are fair and well made however. ?

  6. I love watching them all, but I would like Joe and Katya to win as he has not danced before and has really improved over the weeks. Are Molly and AJ a couple? They look so sweet together!

  7. I’ve read your thank you post Dave and a big thank you to you for providing this site for all of us and a merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well. Look forward to next year’s SCD. ??

  8. Joe has been good from the start, people are making up this journey for him when i remember being pleasantly surprised at his first dance and did some research on his background, then it all came apparent.

    1. except that his musical theatre background has almost no dance in it: Rent – almost no dance in the entire production; Chitty Chitty Bang bang – one dance; How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying has almost no dance in the entire production; Torch Song Trilogy has almost no dance in the entire production. I would have agreed that it was unfair if this was a singing contest

      1. Yet everyone seems to have an issue with Alexandra doing “sister act” with no dancing and plenty of singing, and there is dancing in Chitty Bang Bang as I have seen it! Everyone has an issue with Debbie doing ballet yet no ballet shoes or dancing in strictly, I’m just someone that would love to see a strong confident women win this year, there are two clearly better dancers left in than Joe, but no doubt the votes will go to the man as the viewership are mainly bitter women that constantly

        1. good lord…lower the tone why don’t you. I was just saying how nice it was to have a civilised exchange with differing opinions and here you are suggesting that because Iike Joe over Alexandra (although not Debbie) I am a “bitter woman” with a “sad life”. Does it not occur to you that other women can have an opinion that does not necessarily chime with yours? You are entitled to your opinion about the dancing but don’t make assumptions about my choices. I am 59 years old, was fighting for equality – and that includes the right to make up my own mind without pressure or judgement from anyone – for women since I was 14.

          1. Where have I suggested that you are bitter, In fact where in my comment have I said “you?” I think you need to calm down, if you fall into that category then so be it but no pressure or judgement from me, maybe read comment again and understand it better instead of jumping the gun.

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