Who Do You Think Will Be Eliminated First? (Poll)

Ok so this poll was suggested by one of my followers on twitter and I decided that I’d run with it and poll the community. Obviously we don’t have much to go on beyond the launch show but I’ll ask the question

Who do you think will be eliminated first in the 2018 series? Please try and vote for who you THINK will be eliminated rather than who you would like to see eliminated as I’m sure that’s an entirely different question. Make your vote count in this poll as you can only select one option

[poll id=”68″]

Don’t forget you can also still vote in the post launch show poll and tell me who your favourite couples are. You can select up to 3 options in that poll

[poll id=”67″]

Just a reminder that the website will be going down for maintainance on Sunday whilst I migrate the site to its new host ready for when it starts getting busy once the spoilers start rolling in. All polls that are running at the time of maintainance will be frozen whilst the maintainance is ongoing.

The new hosting solution moves this site from costing me £3 to £4 a month to host to more like £300 to £400. This is obviously a lot of money. Many of you have already helped out with my hosting costs and I’m grateful to everyone who has so far this series. If you want to (and can afford to) help out, or just want to buy me a pint or say thanks for all the spoilers you can do so using THIS LINK or the button below. If you can use the link please do as for a number of reasons it is better for me if you use the link than it is if you use the button

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