Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 9 (Blackpool) Discussion/Poll

Strictly is on its annual holidays to Blackpool and hopefully they are locking up some elements of the press in the Tower Dungeon after hounding the contestants and this week me because they have nothing better to report on. Anyway I digress……

Who rose right to the top of the tower? And who will be joining the gutter press in the Tower Dungeon? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with tonight’s show right here in the comments section or you can head on over to Facebook or Twitter and join the discussions on those networks. On Twitter remember to tag @davejthorp and include the hashtag #StrictlySpoiler.

Each time you get involved with the discussion you could be winning one of 4 Amazon UK vouchers I have up for grabs each and every week this series.

As always I will be opening a poll right here once all the couples have danced and you will be able to tell me your favourites. Up to 3 options may be chosen!

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Spoilers have been historically late at Blackpool and have been generally later than normal this series. Plus with the logistics at Blackpool I know some of the moles will be leaving their mobiles in the hotel rather than handing them in to the BBC. All this could make for a very late one tonight but as soon as I know it will be posted here. Please do not message me on Facebook or Twitter asking if I have heard. I receive hundreds of notifications on a Saturday night and your messages will likely get lost in amongst all the other messages. As soon as I have the news it will be posted here and links will go out onto the social networks.

10 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 9 (Blackpool) Discussion/Poll”

  1. Ok. What seedy evidence does Joe hold over the judges?? I don’t see what they see. Thought he was way overmarked again this week. Definitely the Beebs choice to win.
    Personally I hope Stacey or Ashley win.

  2. Stacey, Joe and Charles are so impressive, given that they’re not already professional dancers like Ashley.

  3. Guess they really, really want Lauren in the dance-off tonight. I didn’t think her Argentine was anywhere near as poor as the comments and marks suggested.

      1. Last year was clear to me. they were pushing Alexandra and Debbie. The Judges voted some people off as they were not available for the tour. Aston for 1 as his baby was due.

  4. Sorry but as a Professional dancer then Ashley was very much over marked IMO. She should not even be on this show. IMO the real top of leader board are Joe and Charles

  5. I don’t see any agenda. Lauren was the worst dancer and so deservedly was at the bottom of the leader board. She just didn’t look comfortable throughout the dance and I felt uncomfortable for her. It’s a shame as she had such a good week last week. But people are too quick to see a conspiracy where there is none.

  6. Ashley is a great dancer since its what she has been doing for pretty much her whole life but I just feel bored watching her dances. That aside,so happy to see the improvement from week 1 till now of Charles,Joe, Stacey and Graeme. Favourites of the night were:- Charles,Faye,Stacey and Graeme.

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