Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 12 (Semi Final) Discussion/Poll

Here we are at the semi final and the final elimination of the series (and therefore the final spoiler) will be happening in a few hours. But before that the couples have 2 more dances to perform for your votes and earn a place in next week’s final.

Who deserves a place in the final? And who should have their place so cruelly snatched away from them by losing in the final dance off? You can let me know your thoughts about that or anything else to do with tonight’s show by getting involved in the comments section below.

Or why not head on over to Facebook or Twitter and let me know your thoughts about tonight’s show on those networks. On Twitter please remember to tag @davejthorp in your comments and include #StrictlySpoiler.

Whilst you all wait for the final spoiler of the series to come in a poll will open right here once all the couples have danced twice. This time I am asking for your winner and you can select just one option.

[poll id=”81″]

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Talking of Christmas I still have the Spoiler for the Christmas Special available for your viewing pleasure. Who says you can’t unwrap your presents early?

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5 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 12 (Semi Final) Discussion/Poll”

  1. This is hard as I think Lauren and AJ but then l like Joe and Dianne as well. I will say I prefer Joe and Dianne.

  2. The way the voting went for Joe tonight I thought the production team had come up with a strategy to prevent Faye and Ashley being the two in the dance off. Until Lauren struggled on Dance two I thought Joe was done for. Zero chance of Ashley winning the series. It has to be said that the finalists are the best dancers overall and it could be anyone of three.

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