Strictly Come Dancing 2023 – Week 11 (Musicals Week) Discussion/Poll

It’s time to go to the musicals and our five four remaining couples have the final in two weeks time in sight. And there’s going to be lots to discuss this week with Nigel and Katya having to withdraw due to injury and byes not being available from the Quarter Final onwards. And one of the first things to discuss will be if there will be a dance off this week as it’s very much up in the air (at the time of writing)

But who was a West End Smash and who just looked smashed?

You can let me know your thoughts over on Facebook, X, Instagram and Threads. Each time you get involved in the discussion on those networks you earn a chance to win prizes ranging up to a massive £500 Amazon voucher. But only the brave will win big. Full competition details can be found here!

Not one but two polls will be opening here when all the couples have danced. The first one asks the usual question of who got your votes with the BBC this week (or if there is no elimination who WOULD HAVE got your vote). As normal you will be able to select up to 3 options in that poll. The second one asks which of the remaining couples you want to see in the final in two weeks time. Depending on what happens with this week’s elimination you will be able to select either 3 options if the elimination is cancelled or 2 options if it is not!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Week 11 - Who got/would have got your vote? (Select up to 3)

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who do you want in the final? (Select exactly 3 answers)

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