Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Week 2 Spoilers

Brucie may have entered permanent cryofreeze only to be thawed out for birthdays, appointments with the Queen and his inevitable knock on the door from Operation Yewtree but that doesn’t mean that the BBC think you need to know the results as soon as they are available. Luckily the miracle of the Internet is here to save you. So here are the results:

Jennifer and Gregg had to dance off. The judges saved Jennifer. Gregg was eliminated!

Complaints as usual to the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing – Week 13 (Final) Spoilers

Time for the final time to reveal……

Actually scratch that. Er guys…… the final is LIVE! There’s another show on after Atlantis! Which features lots of triangles. Triangles are good!

Not even the BBC is stupid enough to pre record the final results of their main flagship reality show. So watch that to find out the results at the exact time as everyone else, myself included. Just don’t bank on them telling you who was second or third. They didn’t last year!

By all means complain to the BBC if you want

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 – Week 12 (Semi Final) Spoilers

Time for the final time this year (yes not even the BBC are stupid enough to pre record the results of the final of their flagship reality show) to reveal what the BBC don’t think you need to know until tomorrow night. And that is who fell at the final hurdle and who made it into next weeks live final. So thanks to the miracle that is the Internet and its ability to rapidly transmit information around the globe in seconds, here are the results:

Natalie and Patrick had to dance off. The judges saved Natalie. Patrick was eliminated. Sophie, Natalie, Abbey and Susanna are the finalists. All female final!!!!

Complain if you want to the BBC. They won’t listen!