Strictly Come Dancing 2016 Finalists – Louise and Kevin

Time for the second part in my three part series where I take a look at the three couples who will be participating in next weekend’s final and their Strictly journey so far. I’m running this series in the order they qualified for the final so next of the list is Louise and Kevin

Best Dance

Louise and Kevin have been one point off a maximum on two occasions. The first was back in week 7 for their Argentine Tango. This scored 39 (9,10,10,10) and is the dance they have selected for their favourite dance

Louise and Kevin also scored 39 in week 10 for their Waltz (9,10,10,10)

Worst Dance

We’re all the way back to Weeks one and three for their worst routines. Their Jive from week 1 scored just(!) 31 points from the judges (8,7,8,8). What were they thinking?

The also dropped to the terribly low score of 31 in week three for their Cha Cha (7,8,8,8)

Average Score

Louise and Kevin have amassed a total score of 458 points from 13 routines making for an average score of 35.2. Despite having the best worst dances of the three finalists in terms of judges scores they have the 2nd highest average of the three finalists.

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Louise and Kevin are the only couple this series to have never faced a Dance Off. Well actually technically that isn’t true because Melvin and Janette didn’t either. Ok we’ll just say that Louise and Kevin have never been in the bottom two after judges scores and public vote were combined.

It’s worth mentioning that Kevin has reached four finals out of four series and in three of those years has never faced a dance off and across his 4 years on Strictly he has only ever faced two dance offs winning them both

Odds Of Winning

At the time of writing Louise and Kevin are 6/4 second favourites to lift the glitterball with Coral. If you fancy a flutter Coral will give new customers £20 in free bets when you stake £5 on Strictly or any other market.

Can they do it? If you’d asked me that last week I’d have probably said no. Danny and Oti appeared to have too much support to be caught but after the semi final I honestly do not know and I personally think it could be anyone’s final depending on how they perform in the final.

We do know that to be saved from the Semi Final Dance Off that Louise and Kevin must have got more public votes last week than Danny and Oti and Claudia and AJ. Whether that was down to tactical voting from some people to try and get their favourites into the final or is a genuine representation of the support Louise and Kevin have I couldn’t possibly say.

In the current poll on this site 24% of the over 12000 people who have voted want Louise and Kevin to win. They’re lagging some 2000 votes behind Danny and Oti but then my poll at the weekend was predicting a Louise Vs Ore Dance Off so it clearly isn’t fully representative of the voting patterns of viewers.

With a strong final it wouldn’t be too hard to see Louise and Kevin take the glitterball and if anyone is going to stop Danny and Oti you would really expect it to be them but who knows. As I said I think this final is a lot wider open than the odds from the bookies and my site polls would suggest and certainly a lot wider open than last years final was during which all Jay and Aliona had to do was turn up and they would have won the glitterball!

What do you think of Louise and Kevin? Are you supporting them? Do you think they can win? Let me know in the comments section or over on Facebook or Twitter. It’s the final week of the Strictly Spoiler competition and your last chance to get involved in the discussion and win a prize. There’s a £20 Amazon voucher up for grabs and you could also win a Kindle Fire Tablet in the final monthly draw. Entries to the competition for this series close at midnight on Sunday 18th December 2016 and all you need to do to enter is get involved in the discussion here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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