Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Finalist – Caroline Flack

Time for part one of a 4 part series in advance of the live final where I take a look at each of the four finalists and their performance so far in Strictly. Starting with Caroline Flack

Best Dance

Caroline’s best dance came in the semi final last week when she became the first contestant this series to score a perfect 40 (10,10,10,10) from the judges and the first dance in which Craig, who was donning an evil beard, dusted off the cobwebs on his 10 paddle

Worst Dance

We have to go way back to week 1 for Caroline’s worse dance which was a Cha Cha Cha and scored 27 points (6,7,7,7) with the judges. Still a very respectable score of course especially for week 1

Average Score

Discounting both the waltzathon and Donny Osmond neither of which count for anything Caroline has amassed a score of 442 over 13 dances which makes for an average score of 34.0

Number Of Times In The Dance Off

Caroline was in the dance off in week 7 after her waltz which scored 31 with the judges (7,8,8,8). She was in the dance off against Alison Hammond but was unanimously saved by the judges

Odds of Winning

Caroline is currently the bookies favourite with odds of 8/13 on SkyBet. A poll carried out on this site at time of writing shows that 33% of voters think she should win but a whopping 69% think that she will win!

Tune in later today for a look at Simon Webbe, with the other two finalists coming tomorrow.

Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Final Dances and Music

The BBC today released details of what the finalists will be dancing to and in what style for the show dance and their favourite dance. The finalists will also be dancing a judges choice from their previous dances which will be revealed during the live final.

Show Dance

  • Caroline and Pasha will be dancing to Beverly Knight’s version of ‘Angels’.
  • Frankie and Kevin will be dancing to ‘Get Happy’ by Judy Garland.
  • Mark and Karen will be dancing to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.
  • Simon and Kristina will be dancing to ‘A Little Less Conversation’ by Elvis Presley

Favourite Dance

  • Caroline and Pasha will doing their Charleston to ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ from week 10

  • Frankie and Kevin will be doing their Paso Doble to ‘America’ from week 3.

  • Mark and Karen will be doing their Samba to ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ from week 5.

  • Simon and Kristina will be doing their Argentine Tango to ‘Roxanne’ from week 8.

You can still vote in the polls to say who you think should/will win below. Also tell me what you think of the music and dance choices and what you think the judges will choose for each finalist in the comments above. And why not give the like and share buttons below a good old click. You know it makes sense!

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Latest Final Betting Odds

Following the departure of Jake and Pixie at the hands of the judges Len Goodman, both of whom were high favourites, if not the favourite with the bookies to win, the bookies have reassessed the book and unsurprisingly Caroline is now favourite to win the series. Full odds (taken from Sky Bet) below:

Caroline – 8/11
Frankie – 15/8
Simon – 9/1
Mark – 12/1

Do you agree with the bookies? Who do you think should win? And who do you think will win (which may well be different from who should win)? Let me know in the comments using the link above or by voting in the polls below

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