Predict The 2019 Couples – Anneka Rice

Here we are at the end of a trio of polls to round this series off and we’ve saved the biggest foregone conclusion until last as I’m pretty certain which pro will win this poll. But you may surprise me so we never know. Anyway it is the turn of Treasure Huntress Anneka Rice

You can vote in the poll below or let me know your thoughts on who Anneka will be paired with over on Facebook or Twitter. Wondering where Gorka or Graziano are in this poll? They both announced last week they are being benched this series and will not be partnering a celebrity in the main series.

[poll id=”104″]

You can also still vote in my poll and say who your favourites are from the class of 2019 right HERE so be sure to check that out. Also check out the earlier posts in this series using the navigation buttons below to vote in the other polls I’m currently running. Options in many of the polls have changed to reflect the news that Graziano and Gorka will not have celebrities this series.

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