Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Christmas Special Discussion

Merry Christmas to all visitors to this site!!

The Christmas Special is currently airing for the benefit of anyone not too full on Turkey and Booze (so probably not me then). Of course most of us already know the result thanks to the Christmas Special Spoiler but we can still enjoy the show assuming we are conscious!

What do you think of the Christmas Special performances? Let me know in the new and improved comments section using the comment link above.

No poll for this special as there didn’t seem a great deal of point in polling people about something we already know the results of!

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Strictly Come Dancing 2014 Christmas Special

I may have told you the result 3 weeks before the BBC showed you and here at the home of the Strictly Spoiler, you can now relive the Christmas Special, especially handy if you were too drunk to remember it. You could of course watch the performances on iPlayer or off Sky+/TiVo if you recorded it but that will subject you to all the fluff and Bruce’s cringeworthy song and dance number which should be avoided at all costs!

So here are all the performances and the moment that Louis was announced the winner!