Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Christmas Special Spoilers

It’s that time of the year again. The Strictly Christmas Special was filmed last night and the spoiler is in. Before I get on to that as I’m sure most of you are aware Brucie won’t be hosting the special this year for health reasons. I’m sure I speak for everyone who visits this site when I wish Sir Bruce a speedy recovery.

So just who won the Christmas Special. There won’t be any need to drag yourself out of a turkey and booze induced stupor as The Strictly Spoiler is on hand to tell you who won:

The winners were Harry Judd and Joanne Clifton

Complaints to the BBC

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16 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Christmas Special Spoilers”

  1. Not sure why people continually refer to the “Clifton Come Dancing show”. Just because Kevin is still in, his sister Joanne is one of the additional pro dancers and Kevin happens to be married to another pro dancer? What happens when Aliaz and Janette get married? Will it be their programme? Maybe Jo Clifton does some ITT; so do other pro dancers. Can we let this drop or do people have to find none events to moan about?

  2. Why are you saying “the Clifton Come Dancing show”
    they aren’t in it anymore than anyone else isand people need to stop moaning and grow up. Stop believeing everything youread here. If you check you will find that keith clifton is not part of the show at all,he has a newspaper column that comments on the show and a dance studio to run.

    Its time to stop this nonsense and just enjoy a wonderful show!!

    1. Keith clifton is kevins dad and someone said that he was involved with the production off the show and that is why kevin and kellie are still in and why we see jo alot

      Which is all nonsense

      1. Indeed it is. Not sure why people keep posting it here or on numerous other places discussing Strictly. Kevin Clifton is highly amused by it on Twitter and asked his Dad for a raise!

  3. I’m not a Clifton fan (of Karen, Jo and especially Kevin) but I do love Harry Judd…so sounds like a decent result. It was a hard one to call this year when you look at the dances/dancers-
    harry&Joanne…American smooth;
    Tom chambers&oti…cha-cha;
    Lisa snowdon& pasha…quickstep;
    Abbey clancy & brendan…waltz
    Alison Hammond & Robin…quickstep
    Cassidy little & Natalie…jive

  4. We do see far too much of Jo Clifton. I don’t understand why. IMO she is not a great dancer. Some of the professional women are stunning to watch. Jo doesn’t have their star quality. She also gets to hang around on the balcony and is ALWAYS in shot when her brother and Kellie are being interviewed by Claudia. Why the special treatment when she doesn’t have a partner this year? Not that she was all that interesting when she did have a partner last year!

  5. I feel the same about Jo. Not great. No charisma. But then I don’t like Karen either, never have. I notice Kristina is still hanging on for dear life and Ola has been totally pushed out just because she said it was her last year, it turned nasty. I love Kristina I hope she stays next year, so don’t want Jo in it again. Not keen on Oti either, too much of trying to show herself off rather than concentrating on her partner – wrong! Bring in Neil Jones and his wife Kat, they’re fabulous choreographers and dancers. Keep Glen, Aliaz, Anton of course, Brendan, giovanni. When James Jordan was there they really had a laugh ALL of them but it all now seems so clicky.

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