Strictly Come Dancing 2021 Finalists – John and Johannes

Here we are with the final part of what has become a 2 part series taking a look at this year’s finalists and their journey to the final. Following the withdrawal of AJ and Kai we will be continuing and concluding the series with John and Johannes

Worst Dance

Back to week 4 we go for their worst routine when their American Smooth scored 29 points with the judges (6,7,8,8)

Best Dance

John and Johannes have fallen 1 short of a maximum on 4 occasions this series. The first was in week 3 when their Pirates of the Caribbean inspired Paso Doble had all the judges bar Craig reaching for their 10 paddles (9,10,10,10)

Craig was the hold out in week 10 too when their Argentine tango came close to a perfect score (9,10,10,10)

Then in last week’s Semi Final Craig again denied them perfect scores with their couples choice and Jive both scoring 39 (9,10,10,10)

Average Score

John and Johannes have amassed a total of 454 point across 13 routines making for an average of 34.9. This is the highest average of the 2 finalists

Number of times in the Dance Off

John and Johannes landed in the dance off during last weekend’s semi final however their Jive (above) dispatched with Rhys and Nancy with all 4 judges putting them through into the final

Can they win?

It’s going to take a lot to overturn the momentum that Rose and Giovanni have been building throughout the series but I wouldn’t discount John and Johannes quite yet. They too have the journey as Strictly’s first all male couple and have been showing that two men dancing together can create every bit as beautiful Strictly moments as a male/female couple. They have built up a wonderful partnership which resonates with many of the Strictly viewers and whilst their competitors have been making advances for the deaf community John and Johannes have been doing the same for the LBGT community and have demonstrated that two men dancing together, in 2021, is something completely natural and beautiful.

Ultimately with a strong final and if they pick up floating voters from AJ and Kai they could possibly do it however I must mention that only 12% of visitors to this site wanted them to win after the semi final though AJ and Kai’s retirement may have changed that.

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