The Strictly Spoiler 2021 Competition

After a year absence due to Covid the regular weekly competition is back, bigger and better than ever. And this series really is the biggest as one of you will be winning a huge £500 Amazon UK voucher!

To get involved all you have to do is join the discussion over on Facebook or Twitter each week. One person every week on each network will win a voucher worth up to £100. But this year there is a twist!

Winners can choose to keep their prize. Or they can hand it back for a chance to win the big prize at the end of the series. The choice will be entirely yours……

Boring Legal Bit

  1. This competition is open to all UK and Republic of Ireland residents barring any close family members or friends of the promoter.
  2. The competition will run from 25/09/21 to 18/12/21 inclusive. These dates are provisional and may change depending when the 2021 series of Strictly airs
  3. Each promotional period will run from Midnight Saturday until the following Midnight Saturday with the exception of the final week which will run on the day of the final only.
  4. Each social network has their own pool of prizes which initially comprise of 4*£10 Amazon UK vouchers, 4*£20 vouchers, 2*£35 vouchers, 1*£50 voucher and 1*£100 voucher. Prizes will be randomly allocated a week by means of random number generator and different value prizes will be available to be won each week and on different social networks. Participants can keep track of the available prizes using the matrix below. The promoter also reserves the right to offer spot prizes at his discretion on the social networks and these will be subject to the same terms including the chance to reject the prize for a grand prize draw entry. Alternatively spot prizes may award direct entry into the grand prize draw without offering an initial prize.
  5. Entrants will be required to comment on the respective social networking profiles in order to enter including the tagging of the profile where required and the use of any hashtags detailed on the social networking profiles.
  6. Entrants will be required to be liking or following the respective social networking profiles in order to be eligible to win a prize
  7. Each week one entry will be selected as a winner on each social network, contacted on that social network and offered the randomly allocated prize for that week or the chance to enter the prize draw at the end of the series for a chance to win a £500 voucher
  8. In the event the promoter believes that an entry is not eligible for reasons of their location, they aren’t following or liking the profiles or for any other reason a redraw will take place
  9. Should a winner decide to enter the grand prize draw their original prize will become forfeit
  10. Each winner will have 7 days from the point that they are contacted to communicate their decision to the promoter. Should they fail to contact the promoter or provide any details requested to allow prize fulfilment in this time the prize will be forfeit and will not be offered to another participant
  11. The first decision received by the promoter as to whether a winner wishes to take the prize or enter the final draw will be considered the final decision and no change of mind will be permitted
  12. During the weekend of the final a winner will be selected at random out of all comments received during the final day on each social network. These winners will not be offered a prize but will earn a place in the grand prize draw
  13. The winner of the grand prize of a £500 Amazon UK voucher will be selected at random out of everyone who chose to reject their original prize for a chance to enter the draw and the final two winners from the day of the final and will be selected as soon after the final as possible. The exact format of the grand prize draw will be confirmed separately to entrants in the draw
  14. Prizes will be paid out in batches. Any prizes won during September or October will be paid by the end of November. Any. prizes won during November will be paid by the end of December. Any prizes won during December including the Grand Prize will be paid by the end of January 2022. These are the latest dates in which prizes will be paid out and prizes may be paid earlier at the promoters discretion
  15. The promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions should he be required to for any reasons out of his control or withdraw the competition for the same reasons. This includes but is not limited to reasons relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, the withdrawal or suspension of the social networking profiles or alterations to the format or length of the 2021 series of Strictly by The BBC.
  16. Should the promoter be required to invoke clause 15 above and is unable to offer the grand prize any participant affected by the changes who previously rejected a prize will have their earlier prize reinstated and paid out using details previously supplied
  17. Should the promoter be required to invoke clause 15 above and alter the length of the competition, prizes will be removed at random from the prize pools to accommodate this
  18. Any personal data provided by a winner will be processed in accordance with your rights under GDPR and only used for the purposes of prize fulfilment and only shared with Amazon UK for the same purpose.
  19. The promoters decision in all aspects of this competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  20. This competition is promoted by Dave Thorp t/a The Strictly Spoiler (

Prizes still to be won (correct as of Week 12)

£10 Voucher00
£20 Voucher10
£35 Voucher01
£50 Voucher00
£100 Voucher00
£500 Grand Draw Entry (final week only)11

Number of people in the Grand Prize Draw – 10 (correct as of Week 12)

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