Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 5 Discussion/Poll

The halloween spooktacular is just a week away but before that the 12 remaining couples have to safely navigate week 5. The judging will be 986765% calmer as Bruno is being given a large dose of horse tranquillisers to calm him down for the rest of the series.

But who deserves a place in the halloween week and who should be sent packing tonight?

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As always a poll will open right here once all the couples have danced so you can tell me who your favourites were this week! You can select up to 3 options.

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Week 5 - Who are your favourites? (Choose up to 3)

  • Gemma and Aljaz (16%, 2,861 Votes)
  • Jonnie and Oti (14%, 2,537 Votes)
  • Susan and Kevin (11%, 2,086 Votes)
  • Debbie and Giovanni (11%, 2,052 Votes)
  • Joe and Katya (10%, 1,903 Votes)
  • Alexandra and Gorka (10%, 1,786 Votes)
  • Aston and Janette (9%, 1,737 Votes)
  • Mollie and AJ (8%, 1,508 Votes)
  • Ruth and Anton (4%, 812 Votes)
  • Davood and Nadiya (3%, 476 Votes)
  • Simon and Karen (2%, 299 Votes)
  • Brian and Amy (1%, 262 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,131

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  • Beccy Holiday

    Blimey Alexandra was undermarked.

  • Denise Middlemass

    Debbie was completely overmarked. It was stilted and she lost balance. Don’t know what the judges were watching. Hopefully the public will vote accordingly

    • I wasn’t impressed with Debbie tonight either. Didn’t feel any chemistry in the dance

      • Denise Middlemass

        Glad it’s not just me

    • Sabrina Bowe

      Good legs yes but she didn’t act it at all and it was very stilted at times.

      Joe was the one for me tonight! Loved the choreography, awesome paso.

      • Annette Thomson

        Yes! I found no emotional involvement between her and Gorka.

    • Royal Tapping

      Yes, I agree and I do like her. She is normally much better and it was still good, but not as good as the judges thought. The marks seemed all over the place tonight!

  • Rose

    Alexandra is always at the end! She needs to dance in the middle at some point!

  • Stephanie

    I just think Mollie and AJ are the cutest couple ever!!! #StrictlySpoiler

  • Richard Greenhorn

    I know Alexandra is a favourite (and quite good!) but why do they keep putting her on near the end? Surely, as with the others, she could take a turn at the start of the show!

  • Liz Garside

    Joe was overmarked and Alexandra was undermarked. How could she get less than Joe?

    • Helen Brookhouse

      Yes, I do wish the judges would be consistent. I don’t mind them being harsh, but self consistency is the key.

    • Viewer

      Absolutely agree. Also Debbie was over marked for a stilted performance.

  • theageofreason

    Alexandra was under marked. Poor old Simon looks like going home this week I think.

    • Annette Thomson

      As much as I like him, I think Brian was worse this week. But the standard is very high, isn’t it?

  • Vicki

    Jonnie is my favourite. Fed up with inconsistent marking and judge favourites….Debbie had seriously inflated marks! #strictlyspoiler

  • Annette Thomson

    The marking has been all over the place this season, hasn’t it? I’m liking Shirley as the new judge though. She seems very fair and a,aye looks for the positives.

  • Charlotte Katie Bartle

    Susan and Kevin just make me smile so much 🙂

  • tia maria

    I’m so happy Joe got a 10 tonight, well deserved. Debbie was over-marked.

  • Viewer

    Unfair of Johnnie to make a fool of Shirley for complimenting him for being light on his feet. He, of all people should not be making cheap jokes about artificial limbs. She was being genuine in her admiration for his dancing skills.

    • The Martian

      I take it you’ve never watched The Last Leg.

      • Viewer

        I’ve never heard of it.

        • The Martian

          It’s a comedy show on channel four that grew out of their 2012 Paralympic coverage and used #isitok on twitter to talk about how we discuss disability. The humour isn’t for everyone, it’s on at 10pm for a reason, but you see that disabled people do joke about their disabilities. Jonnie wasn’t making a fool out of Shirley, he was just joking that he does have a literal spring in his step.

          • Viewer

            Thanks for the info. I’m not into athletics etc. so haven’t come across it.

    • Viewer

      Thanks for that. I’m not into athletics etc. so wouldn’t have come across it.

  • Victoria Butler

    Have to say that Susan and Kevin are what this show is all about. Having the time of their lives and so entertaining to watch. Definite favourites in our house!

  • The Martian

    Susan and Kevin and Jonnie and Oti are my favourites, but I was a fan of both of them going in.