Strictly Come Dancing – Week 11 (Semi Final) Spoilers

Time for the final time this year (not even the BBC are stupid enough to do a not live results show for the final) to reveal what the BBC don’t want you to know until tomorrow and that is who fell at the final hurdle and who made the final. So here for the final time are the results:

Lisa and Denise had to dance off. The judges unsurprisingly saved Denise. Lisa is (FINALLY) eliminated

It’s probably not worth complaining now as it’s so close to the end of the series but if you do feel like complaining as usual direct it to the BBC

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  1. Just want to say thank you for all your posts on SCD. The BBC drive me mad with all their “last night’s show” talk on a Sunday night. It is so patronising, so a huge thanks to you, for treating us like grown ups! Hope you will be back again next year!

    1. No problem, although personally I hope that the BBC will finally realise that the results show should be live (either on a Saturday like it used to be or a Sunday – doesn’t really matter as long as it is live). There’s a glimmer of hope as there are rumours that they have decided to do a live results show for the next series of The Voice, which also pre recorded its results show to go out on a Sunday rather than live on Saturday, so hopefully the same will happen with Strictly

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