Strictly Come Dancing – Week 12 (Final) Spoilers

Time to reveal what the BBC don’t want you to know EVER and that is just who came 2nd and who came 3rd in tonights (amazingly) live Final. So here are the results……

Sorry actually this time I can’t help you as like everyone bar a select few who have signed the official secrets act I haven’t got a clue who came 2nd and who came 3rd as the BBC saw fit not to bother to tell us (rather like they did with the Final of The Voice earlier this year). Unfortunately as the BBC are generally tight lipped over voting percentages and not even a Freedom of Information Act request can loosen Auntie’s tongue, I guess we will never know!

Although I’d like to think that Kimberley came second (or in the case of The Voice – Bo Bruce)

Complaints as usual to the BBC

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