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Given a few recent events on Twitter I thought it best to do a post to remind you all of the official Strictly Spoiler social networking channels and to clear up some confusion as to which channels are operated by me and which are nothing to do with me


The main way you can get involved with the Strictly Spoiler on Facebook is through the brand new for 2015 Facebook Page which can be found at:


There’s currently over 500 of you liking that page and there’s usually some discussions over on there about the spoiler or the shows. I also post along to the main live show over there so you can stay up to date if for some reason you miss the live show! Any time I post to this blog, the blog will automatically update the Facebook page too so it’s a good way to be alerted when the spoiler gets posted

Well it was a good way of getting involved. Seems The BBC don’t like Strictly related Facebook communities. Or at least not certain ones

I also have my personal Facebook which can be found at:


You are all welcome to subscribe to my public posts but if you add me as a friend do not be too disheartened if I don’t confirm the request. I tend to reserve Facebook for people that I actually know however most of my posts are public so you won’t miss anything even if you aren’t on my friends list. Since I launched the dedicated Strictly Spoiler page most of my posts are no longer Strictly related but I’m still really interesting if you want to follow me


The only twitter feed I currently use for posting the Strictly Spoiler is my personal one which is at:


You are all welcome to follow me on there and like Facebook I will tweet along to the live shows and often the results show too. Also yet again this blog will automatically update my Twitter whenever I post to it so it’s another good way of keeping up to date with the spoiler.

As mentioned above this is the ONLY twitter feed I operate (at least for Strictly Spoiler purposes). If you see the spoiler posted elsewhere on Twitter it categorically is not me. There are some Twitter users (including some with very similar names to this site) who copy and paste the spoiler from this site, post it to their twitter feeds and pass it off as their own work. Please don’t do that as not only is it a breach of copyright which I can and will take action against, but it also means that people who don’t want to be spoiled get spoiled especially if it gets posted to the strictly hashtags on Twitter which sadly does happen. I go to great lengths to ensure that, despite being very active on social media over the course of a Strictly Weekend, I only spoil the result for people who actually want to be spoiled!


I have a Google+ account but I’m not one of the 3 people who actively use Google+. Don’t waste your time by adding me there although again it will alert you to updates on this blog if you do. That’s about all that gets posted to my Google+ profile. There’s a reason that every week I refer to the social buttons for all major social networks and Google+ in my post. Because no one uses Google+

This Site

The final way to get social with The Strictly Spoiler is through the social features of this site itself. All posts have a comments link at the top of the posts and I do read all your comments (I also read all your tweets and comments on Facebook too). If your comment doesn’t initially show don’t worry too much as this blog requires me to approve all comments from new commenters as part of its anti spam system. I approve comments pretty quickly unless I’m asleep so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Unless you’re a spammer in which case just go away!

I also run regular polls each week and use the stats from these during my Facebook/Tweet alongs each week so please vote in them each week. They’re also the closest we will get to knowing the voting figures each week since BBC viewer votes are subject to the Official Secrets Act for some unknown reason! There’s a good 2000 or so of you voting in the polls each week making them some of the busiest Strictly Come Dancing polls out there!

Finally on this site, each post has a set of buttons at the top and bottom of it to allow you to like and share the posts on a wide variety of networks. I ask people to do this each week and many of you do. It only takes a couple of clicks and by doing so you help to spread the word about this site which in turn helps ensure I can keep this site up. This site costs me a fair amount of money each year to run and host especially after last year’s change of hosting and the only way I can recoup that cost is through the adverts this site displays which also have to subsidise the quieter periods during the week (during last week 95% of the site’s traffic was received on Saturday/Sunday) and when Strictly is off the air for most of the year. Your likes and shares really do help me out and are much appreciated

I hope this clears up the ways you can get social with The Strictly Spoiler and hope to chat with you all soon on all the social channels!

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