Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 7 Spoilers

Another Strictly weekend is upon us and once more the BBC expects you to wait nearly a full day to find out who will be eliminated during tomorrow’s not live results show. Fortunately The Strictly Spoiler is here to save you from waiting (and possibly from an evening with Len’s Lens). So here are the results:

Carol and Kellie had to dance off. The judges saved Kellie. Carol was eliminated!

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through my usual sources and should be accurate!

Complaints to the BBC

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Who was your favourite (Week 7)

  • Jay and Aliona (30%, 1,271 Votes)
  • Peter and Janette (18%, 773 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (15%, 629 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (12%, 513 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (6%, 265 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (6%, 239 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (5%, 219 Votes)
  • Jeremy and Karen (5%, 213 Votes)
  • Jamelia and Tristan (2%, 76 Votes)
  • Carol and Pasha (1%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,845

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37 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 7 Spoilers”

  1. So glad that Carol had finally gone. She was by far the worst dancer and that saccharin smile was just too much .

  2. gutted that carol has gone! she was naff yes but such a delightful lady to watch. my question is how the dink is JAMELIA and JEREMY in the competition still? jeremy is a sweet man but dances like a surfboard, whereas jamelia just thinks she’s the most famous person on there and is a top notch dancer, no pro training needed. horrid, opinionated woman…

    1. It is not jamelias fault about what she said on loose women…. Dont dis her just because of that… you should feel ashamed of yourself. carol deserved to go out week one!

      1. I don’t watch loose women so have no idea of anything she has said…. I think she’s got an extremely over inflated ego

  3. actually not surprised that Kellie was in the dance off, the middle of the leader board is the worst place to be and for some reason whoever is there almost always seems to end up in dance-off.

  4. Ditto…..Kellie in the dance off?
    The conspiracist in me says ‘ there must have been something wrong with the phone lines tonight’.
    I tried calling many times to place my vote to keep Kellie and all I got was engaged all the time…..
    Can’t believe JAMELIA and JEREMY are still in it. Oh well……

  5. Vine should go before Blackpool,his self promoting on his daily show is beyond belief.Carol to be fair has not given it a mention during her broadcasts.
    Its getting serious now,dancers only please.

  6. Have to say not surprised about Kellie, she’s a good dancer but not very endearing. All that screaming – and that sour face when she got lower marks last week. It’s pretty clear she thinks she’s great and deserves more. I think maybe even the popularity of Kevin may not save her. Well done for this spoiler, bizarre talking about the Sunday show when I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t know its all pre-recorded,

  7. NOOOOOO !!! pasha !!! ?.. although i agree it was time for Carol to go, i really want jamelia to go and althougb Jeremy is lovely … hes basically an ironing board 🙁

    JAY TO WIN !! ???

  8. I’m so glad that Carol got eliminated and Kellie and Kevin shouldn’t be in the dance off but Jamelia and Tristan aren’t in the dance off for once (Peter to win!! ??)

  9. Thanks very much Dave for letting us know who has been eliminated.

    I’m so glad I found this site – The BBC making out that it is recorded on Sunday night is just rubbish, its about time they have the results show later on the Saturday night like they used to.

    Sad to see Carol go as she did try so hard, I presume next week it will be Jeremy.

    1. Totally agree, the show itself could do with being a bit shorter (10 dances at 90 seconds, that’s 15 minutes of dancing in a 90 minute show), then we could go back to having the results shower later on Saturday evening.

  10. Peter Andre was wickedly good but is it just me who wishes he put his ego away and shut his mouth, for this I would love to see him voted off, it’s not the Peter Andre show someone please tell him

  11. Surprised Kellie in dance off. Carol maybe her time on Strictly is up .Peter Andre was amazing first ten from Len.

  12. Gutted that Carol went and not a fan of Kellie and Carol was what the show is about people, with no dancing experience learning to dance.

    The ones that are dance trained grate on me, Helen I can not warm too.

    I am very sad that she went and my money would of been on Jamelia.

  13. It’s funny how differing our opinions are of the celebrities’ egos… Jamelia seems terribly sweet and unassuming to me, yet everyone seems to have her and consider her big headed. The person who really grates on me is Anita… she always comes across as totally self-satisfied and smug IMO – far too full of herself for my liking. Helen l can’t warm to either… always plastered with makeup even during rehearsals, and dressed as if she were a sex kitten when in fact she is only borderline pretty/plain.

    1. Anita is not smug! She is on a trip! She is on an adrenaline high. She can’t believe she is doing well. And, she is dancing with Gleb for heaven sake! She will need to go into rehab when all this is over!!!

      1. Replying to Anna: Just proves what l was saying, Anna… we all perceive the celebrities differently. Glad you like Anita, but l personally find her irritating and overconfident!

  14. Don’t understand why the judges were so down on Katie and marked her so low. She did an incredibly complicated series of steps at great speed and made literally two mistakes. She deserved four 8s. Georgia made two very obvious mistakes, which were pointed out only by Craig, yet even he gave her an 8, while the others gave her 9s. Not fair and not consistent. And of course the younger dancers like Georgia have a huge advantage to start with, so their errors should, if anything, be penalised higher than those of the older contestants. The judges are only human and therefore are entitled to have their favourites, but pointing out one contestant’s mistakes whilst ignoring another’s is simply wrong.

    1. The poll this site runs will be different to the BBC viewer vote. Despite the large number of votes my poll receives each week it’s still a small sample compared to the public vote and whilst it may be an indication as to how the public have voted this isn’t necessarily the case

      Jamelia may have generated some sympathy vote from being in last week’s dance off as often happens which may not be reflected in the poll

        1. Blind luck?

          Don’t forget that the viewer vote is combined with the judges scores when the BBC calculate the bottom two which again is not factored into the poll I run

  15. How Jeremy Vine was not voted off I’m not sure. Agree Jamelia should go – she has been arrogant and mouthy way before Loose Women….

  16. Hmmmm ‘not Jamelia’s fault for what she said on Loose Women’ ??? Opens her mouth frequently to always put both her feet firmly in it! She’s over opionated and ignorant on most topics to give a valid opinion.

    As for Jeremy I love surfboards lol he can’t dance but he’s so lovely bless him 😉

  17. The BBC should publish the so-called public vote … if it really exists! Call me an old cynic, but the evidence points towards a ‘fix’.

    There is no way the public would vote so low for Kellie to put her in the bottom 2 (after finishing 5th of 10), after all their are 10 million Eastender fans each week. I’m sure the Beeb pop a favourite into the dance off to ‘liven things up’, and to make sure a duffer (carol) gets kicked out.

    The same happened in series 11 when Abby Clancy was in the dance off in week 6 after scoring 34 points and finishing joint 2nd, then goes on to win it.

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