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193 Replies to “Competition Time”

  1. Love the strictly spoiler! My mum waits for me to let her know each sat eve before she goes to bed to find out who goes as we can’t wait until Sunday. Jay to win!!

  2. Love the strictly spoiler as it is easy to use! Ive tried digital spy in the past but don’t find it easy I can count on Dave to get it right and its easier than waiting ages and being paranoid about who is going I love strictly spoiler

  3. I love the spoiler as it’s real life time – I hate the inferred liveness of the results show

  4. Result show on too late for 7/8yr olds and too boringly dragged out to waste license payers money! Love the spoiler!

  5. The Strictly Spoiler is the best thing to happen to Strictly since it started! The Beeb think we are all idiots who believe them when they say that Sunday is the results day when we all know it happens Saturday night. THis blog has shown up the Beeb for being idiots themselves! THAT is why I love The Strictly Spoiler xx

  6. I used to get so frustrated at having to wait for the result show and all their “last night…this…that etc”. Then last year I found the spoiler site which is fantastic! Now, any anger I might feel cos I think the wrong person is eliminated has worn off by Sunday and I can still enjoy the results show. The spoiler site is not cheating imo, it’s just putting right a BBC wrong!

  7. The BBC are being really petty trying to shut down the strictly spoiler – on FB I can count several sites using the word “Strictly” – they all seem to be running as normal so it can’t be the “copyright” issue that worries the Al Beeb, can it? Bullying by a corporation that thinks it’s OK to use licence payers cash to fight legal battles while cutting content.

  8. Each saturday looking for you spoiler. As long as People keep it to them selfs there is no problem! Sorry to see BBC think they can act like their judges on the show, not very consistant and honest.

  9. I love the Strictly Spoiler because the ‘Official’ sites are so bitchy. If you don’t agree with a comment you get rat packed. The spoiler allows me to enjoy the programme and the results without the farce of Daly and Winkleman (my least favourite presenters) pretending its Sunday.

  10. The spoiler is fun, but as someone else said the really good bit is being able to make comments without BBC censorship. On that note, I’ve signed and shared the petition, ironically enough on FB.

  11. The Strictly Spoiler is great for two reasons. Firstly, if I feel there is a potential injustice going to happen in the D/O, I can look at the result to check – and it stops me worrying about it until the following night.

    Secondly, it is very satisfying that you have found a way of outflanking the BBC and getting round their tedious demand that we wait for the results until Sunday night, and their silly deceit that the show is filmed over two nights.


  12. I love strictly spoilers, I work a Sunday night, so never see the results show, I used to record it, but as I work in a pub I would often have customers coming in after the results show telling me the result. Now I don’t have my viewing spoiled because I know the result too.

    Also, If the BBC want to stop spoilers putting up the result, then they should put our licence fee to good use and show it live 😀 Keep up the good work 😀

  13. If it was not for this spoiler .i would not bother watching wish we could have the results after the show.

  14. I love the strictly spoiler very much. I find the nonsense of the result show very annoying. All the drawn out waiting and pretending its live – for goodness sake!!

  15. I love the Strictly Spoiler, mainly because it gives me a heads-up on who is leaving so I’m prepared in case my daughters favourite dancer is leaving. I’ve also managed to convince my friends that I’m slightly psychic, and can not only predict the bottom two each week but know who is leaving!! Btw, my mother is the only person left in the world who thinks Sunday’s show is live!!

  16. Love the Strictly Spoiler – I’m far too impatient to wait until Sunday and the results show clashes with putting the children to bed so I NEED to know in advance 😉

  17. I love the strictly spoiler. It makes me feel as though I’m closer to the show. Thanks for all your hard worl

  18. Strictly is my 7 year old sons obsession. The dancing makes him so happy but his anxiety over his favourite leaving is/was crippling. During last year’s Strictly we got even less sleep than normal, however this year I discovered the Spoiler and the change in my son and his ability to get some sleep knowing that mummy can let him know Strictly secrets has been huge.
    Thank you so much!

  19. I love the strictly spoiler because it is easy to use, access and makes it very clear who is out and is usually correct. I also love the poll so I can see who other viewers liked the best.

  20. I think that The Strictly Spoiler web site is just
    Fab-u-lous Daaah-ling
    It’s so great that you don’t have to wait until the Sunday show to find out who has been knocked out.

    I’ve even dropped hints about this site on the BBC Strictly live blog page on a Saturday night, and Surprise, Surprise they have even let it stay on the boards, so much for their moderators !!!!!

  21. I love the strictly spoiler! Probably because I’m an impatient person. I just wish that the BBC would stop the pretence that Sundays show is live,its just silly and the public are not stupid. I do love the glitz ,glamour and the dancing this season is superb

  22. The BBC shouldn’t pretend the show is live on Sunday. It’s a farce! What do they expect? What’s wrong with the Spoiler? It’s not doing any harm and I still watch the Sunday show.

  23. I love the Strictlu Spoiler as it means I can relax and enjoy Sunday without stressing about my favourite leaving….(ignoring the fact it may mean I’m disappointed a day early but so far so good lol)! Also don’t see why BBC keep up the fake act for the Sunday show so why shouldn’t we find out who goes on the night! Keep up the good work!!

  24. I’m new to Strictly Spoiler, but I wish I’d known about you years ago.. I think it’s ridiculous for the Beeb not to show Strictly results on Saturday as they used to. I work late on a Sunday so I miss the results show . Thanks for the info … I think it’s a fantastic site.

  25. I love this page, you guys do amazing every week. I hate who they “act” that the show is being shown live on Sunday night, I think the BBC needs to either have boths shows on Saturday night or have live result show on Sunday. I feel “cheated” by the BBC

    Keep Up the good works guys xx

  26. I love the strictly spoiler cos it tells the truth about who was voted off on the night that it happened instead of waiting for the BBC to lie to us that it took 24hours to work it out by pretending that Sunday is a live show

  27. Even though I still watch the results show, I always look at the Strictly Spoiler. To me, it completes the show on the night the results are announced instead of having to wait for the fake results show on ‘Sunday’ night… a pinky up to the producers who know that we know that they know that, despite a change in attire and calling it Sunday night… that it’s not really…Come on BBC. We’re not idiots…rant over ! :-). Thanks Dave ! This is great 🙂

  28. I love the Strictly Spoiler as you announce it in a discrete way so just the people that want to see it can and you always reveal the results as soon as you can! A Saturday night highlight for me as I’m so impatient!

  29. I sit every Saturday after the live shows and anticipate the reveal of whom has left the show on the strictly spoilers webiste. Without this website I would have to wait 24 hours for the reveal of who haleft when it is filmed an hour after the initial show. Me and my mum sit on our devices constantly refreshing the page to wait for the results.

  30. I look forward to the Strictly spoiler each week, the farce of the ‘Sunday’ show is pathetic. I like to know what has happened as soon as possible. It doesn’t stop me watching the results show despite the presenters and judges being pathetic. I pay my license fee, watch their show so I want to know the result

  31. I love the Strictly Spoiler as I can’t deal with watching Tess Daily. I take Saturday’s and watch Sunday night just before the results (fast forwarding past Tess) but I love to know who’s gone!

  32. I look forward to the spoiler because I really don’t like the false Sunday night. My husband doesn’t want to know before Sunday but I don’t like ‘cliff hangers’. They make me uncomfortable, so being able to read the results on a Saturday suits me very well. It’s so daft. All those attending the show know what happens, it’s only the viewers who have to wait.

  33. I love the strictly spoiler because I have the patience of a puppy 🙂 and quite like being a smug ‘I know something you don’t know’ person.

  34. I think the strictly spoiler is great. The BBC seem to think we are stupid in pretending the show is shown live on Sunday. When they are referring to the Sunday show on Saturday I keep hoping someone will say tonight instead of tomorrow! I like to know who is ‘out’ as soon as possible. Thank you.

  35. Don’t want to be hoodwinked into thinking the results is ‘live ‘. Love the fact that first thing Sunday I can check and then watch all my friends natter on all day via social media who should/should not go! Knowledge is power!

  36. I have no time to sit down and watch the show two nights running, I am a busy mum of three! (And the pretence that Sunday is live again is ridiculous….)

  37. We love the strictly spoiler. It’s saved in my favourites! We look forward to getting up Sunday morning, making a cup of tea and putting the computer on to see the results then we can mull over the programme! We always watch the results show and knowing in advance does not spoil it for us. I ail to see why the BBC objects as if you don’t want to know, don’t look. Keep up the great work!

  38. I was so pleased to discover the Strictly Spoiler ! Sorry don’t Twitter or Facebook, so glad you gave folks like me the chance to show our support

  39. For goodness gracious BBC if you wanted us to believe your not-so slight of hand tactics you could have at least got the audience members to swap their seats! By changing the presenters and judges clothes you ain’t fooling anyone.
    I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets for a live recording of the show and have seen how the production is put together. It is a joy to behold. I was bursting at the seams desperate to tell the world who had been saved and who was packed off home. Through strictly spoiler you have done what I wanted to do. Keep spoiling!!

  40. Love being able to find out who went out, but never let on when we watch the results show in a Sunday.

  41. I love the Strictly spoiler because I like to know things. I still watch the Sunday show, but I prefer to do so without the angst of not knowing who goes.

  42. Love the strictly spoiler, I am too impatient to wait til Sunday and can’t stand the way they drag it out. My mum now pesters me to find out who left too. Georgia or Jay to win 🙂

  43. TBH, I feel the results show is a drawn out waste of time, plus NFL is on Sunday! Great to find out the result without the need to wait.

  44. I love The Strictly Spoiler because it’s such a drag having to watch 45 minutes’ worth of time-filler a whole day after the main show. Especially now that things are ‘hotting up’ and there aren’t that many contestants left. Now I can check the results on Saturday and just watch the pro dance on Sunday’s show instead of wading through all the long pauses and bad skits in the middle to get to the vote!

  45. Strictly Spoiler Rocks!! I share a house with my 92 year old mum and she knows I visit Strictly Spoiler every Saturday night. Every Sunday morning she tells me, ‘I don’t want to know who’s gone, but just tell me Jay’s still in’. I like to know in advance because if my favourite person should be eliminated, then I won’t watch the results show. This year’s marking has made me quite angry.

  46. Love it because Sunday night is kids bath night & i never get peace to watch tv,this saves time & tempers ??

  47. I love the Strictly Spoiler because in my house, Saturday night, is family entertainment night.
    My family lead very busy lives which means our ‘entertainment night’ cannot extend into Sundays as well. Sunday evenings are usually spent getting ready for work the next day, not sitting around watching the misleadingly called ‘live’ show, and waiting while the contestants ever-so-slowly find out who is in the dance off.
    The Strictly Spoiler provides us with the instant gratification we need to make our once weekly night of family entertainment complete.
    So thank you very much for providing this much-needed and much-appreciated service!!
    Long may it continue.

  48. Hi I love the Strictly Spoiler as we are getting the result when it happens, not on a faked next night show. We are not stupid. So thanks Strictly Spoiler for being sensible and letting us have the info when it happens, not a day late!

  49. My mum makes me watch Strictly on a Saturday, but since discovering Strictly Spoilers, she’s now admitted that she really can’t be bothered with the Sunday show and insists I get the results from you. You’ve freed up my Sunday evenings for better tv! THANK YOU!!!

  50. Love strictly spoiler because saves me watching the always cringy results show! Love strictly but hate that they pretend the results show is the next day!

  51. I love the Strictly Spoiler because on Sunday I can impress my wife with my Strictly Dancing knowledge and with my predictions of who “I” think will be in the dance off and who “in my view” the judges will vote off. After 9 weeks she still hasn’t caught on!

  52. Love the spoiler…. Do the bbc really expect us to believe the Sunday show is done on Sunday ? It’s a bit of a farce . Also disappointed when the better dancer in the dance off gets voted off … Peter should have gone. They judged on his other performances… And not how he danced in the dance off …well done Len for noticing !

  53. I love Strictly Spoilers cos it saves me having to wait till Sunday. Have always been a bit too impatient. Lol.

  54. Love strictly spoiler!
    Hate being treated as an idiot by the BBC…. Do they think we all believe the Sunday result show live?
    Cannot go to bed till the eliminated couple revelled on here.
    Long live Strictly Spoiler

  55. Second year I have used this site!I hate the strictly Sunday show-why does the BBC have to pretend the program is live on Sunday when we all know it is recorded on Saturday.Love the strictly spoiler!

  56. Found website by accident last year and love it as it takes the hassle it of waiting till Sunday we all know it is recorded

  57. I love this site, first found through twitter searching last series , as a grown human , i have the right to decide if i want to know the results of a show that gets its second half recorded , and i love that i can find it here 🙂

  58. I love the Strictly Spoiler because it means I can get a good night’s sleep knowing who has gone out. I can also spend my Sunday evening doing something more exciting!

  59. I love this site – it’s accurate, fast and easy to use. What’s not to like? I enjoy the polls too.

  60. I love this site it’s so easy to use and it does away with the ridiculous wait for results and pretence of a Sunday night show. I have people texting me for the results on a Saturday night!

  61. I love the spolier because I am an impatient old cow who cannot wait until Sunday! I still watch on Sunday even though I know the result.

  62. I Love Strictly Spoiler. It means that I don’t need to wait for Sunday and if I decide to go out, i don’t need to worry about watching the results. It also means that I can prepare myself if my mother’s favourite celeb Katie Derham was voted off. I Don’t really want to be around for that. 🙂

  63. I love the strictly spoiler as I can’t wait to find out who goes. I don’t tell anyone as I know not everyone wants to know before the result show. I personally don’t like how the couples have to be put through the torture of the results and kept waiting to hear. The strictly spoiler should not be banned or censored as only people who want to know the results seek it out. So stop trying to shut it down it’s just petty BBC and Facebook!

  64. Loving the Strictly Spoiler!!! Thank you Dave. Only found it this year. I love the fact I don’t have to wait intil Sunday to find out whose been eliminated.

    Come on BBC surely you can put the results show on a Saturday and maybe put something else like Casualty on a Sunday for a few months!!

    My name is Helen and my sisters is Katie so we’ve got a competition going on in our house over who’s going to win. They are all great this year though so looking forward to the final ??.

  65. Love it!-gives a new and different slant on the competition-lets us find out what fans are really thinking!

  66. Hate the fake results show – love the Strictly Spoiler! Been following for 3 seasons now from Dave’s blog to today’s heady heights. Always reliable and does away with all the artificial tension created by the been to boost their ratings!

  67. Love this site. I don’t like the fact that the BBC try to con us into thinking there’s two live shows, this is my way of getting one up on them LOL

  68. I love this site because it’s hilarious teasing my Strictly-loving mother with the results every Saturday night. It gives me and my father a good twenty hours to wind her up each week!

  69. Keep up the good work !
    As someone pointed out in this week’s Radio Times,how could Darcey be live on the results show when she was switching on the Christmas lights in Regent Street ?!
    Madness to try to keep up the pretence..
    Surely most people now have some sort of recording device whereby,if the results show was actually broadcast live,they could record it and watch it at their leisure ?
    And,isn’t the Final results show broadcast live on the same night ?

  70. I have only just found this site after it was mentioned on the SCD blog by someone else.
    I’m so glad I found you as I have hated the fact the BBC trying to con everyone about the ‘live Sunday results show’. I would much rather know the result earlier and then watch the show without anxiety lol. I have signed your petition too.
    Have to say the show needs a massive shake up from the format – all that silly clapping along, stupid cameos before each dance ( although they didn’t last night) – to the judges. Len especially needs replacing.

  71. It’s great to know the truth and save a lot of time
    as long as your favourite’s not in the firing line.
    I’d rather have the spoiler than a lens with Len
    it’s a foxtrot to a shortcut and I’d give it a ten!

  72. The results show is filled to the brim with all the mushy gushy panto stuff that I can’t be bothered with and always skip over on iplayer anyway. I sometimes watch the results show to see the big group numbers by the pros, but all I really want is the final result! That’s why I like strictly spoilers. Keep it up guys.

  73. I love Strictly spoiler. Hate having to wait until Sunday to find out who leaves. Also like to watch my mum going ‘I don’t want to know.’ ‘Please tell me. No, don’t. I don’t want to know.’ I also work Sundays so finding out on Saturday night means that I don’t have to wait even longer to find out. I wound my colleagues up the first few weeks by knowing who left and being right every time. They now know about the strictly spoiler website.

  74. I love the strictly spoiler because I’m often working during the results show, and I can’t wait till then anyway!

  75. Love this site – have known for years it was filmed on same night – why couldn’t they show the results after 10 the same night? I’m sure they used to!

  76. Thank the lord for the spoiler. I get so anxious these days – can’t watch any television or read any books which make me tense – and the doom laden heart-thumping ‘music’ accompanying the results on “Sunday” is just too much to bear! Now I can read the spoiler page, be pleased/annoyed/ecstatic, get over it, relax and sleep like a baby! Thanks Dave

  77. I love the strictly spoiler. It annoys me so much that they crack on its a Sunday show!!! We know it was recorded on Saturday!!
    Keep up the good work.

  78. I am waiting every Saturday night for the spoiler results after taking part in the poll
    I can’t wait until the Sunday night show as I like to know who’s gone out and also hopefully my favourite is still in
    I agree with you it is time they brought back the Saturday result show live

  79. Love the Strictly spoiler, it’s the first thing I look for on my phone on a Sunday morning.

    Why can’t the bbc be honest enough too give us the results the same night, and let us decide if we are going to watch on the Sunday.

    Don’t be bitter, glitter xx

  80. I love The Strictly Spoiler because every week I’ve been able to amaze my Parents by ‘guessing’ correctly about who’s in the dance off and who goes home. Couldn’t do it without you!? Thank you!!!

  81. Brilliant show tonight ? even better knowing that I don’t have to wait 24 hours for the result ? thank you x

  82. I just love the Strictly Spoiler because I can’t cope with waiting especially when i am worried my favourite might be going out !! Thanks for getting the info to us quickly.

  83. Ah I love the spoiler to break it to my parents a day early I mean who wants to wait 24hrs when you don’t need too!

  84. I had no idea the Strictly Spoiler even existed until last week when it occurred to me that there just had to be a way to find out who was in the dance off! So, I love the Strictly Spoiler for just being there/here and only wish I’d found it years ago. How many agonising nights I could have avoided!

  85. I love the Strictly Spoiler because I’m impossibly impatient. I want to know who’s been eliminated and I want to know NOW (*Veruca Salt styleee!) I especially need reassurance that Gleb will live to dance another day 😉

  86. Only recently found this site, but as someone who always reads the last chapter first, it’s a perfect fit. I find it a hoot when one of the celebrities forgets it’s “supposed” to be Sunday; who does Auntie Beeb think she’s kidding! And I love reading the comments; much more civilised than other forums, which tend to descend into a gladiatorial arena.

  87. I love the Strictly Spoiler each week because it puts my mind at rest whether Jay is through or not! My winner!

  88. Very often don’t see the ‘Sunday’ show so like to know who’s gone through. Would prefer a complete show on a Saturday and don’t think the whole cast should be expected to go through the whole farce of changing outfits, hairstyles etc and trying not to slip up on their days of the week’end’; not to forget the audience reshuffle! In true musical tradition …. What’s it all about Alfie?

  89. Strictly spoiler is like being part of a (now not so) secret club that pricks the silly delusional balloon the Beeb float every weekend….I just wish they’d be transparent and adult about it and broadcast the results show later the same evening. Not because I work Sundays or have to put kids to bed, or am an impatient sod…but because it has happened and it’s out there, so it should be available to view.
    At least thanks to SS, we can know, but we still can’t see.
    But it is hard to keep schtum and not drop hints to others who want to remain ignorant lol

  90. Strictly Spolier is essential as I now work Sunday nights. I couldn’t possibly wait until Monday to learn the results. The hard bit is pretending to my husband that I don’t already know the result when I come home (sometimes I “guess” correctly, others I seem to be way off). Thank you for the site.

  91. Have been a fan of Strictly since the first series. I think the Judges marks have become predictable but I love to find out who’s been eliminated before the Sunday show. How long can the BBC continue to make believe the Sunday show is live? Even if the cast change their dresses and hair, we all know it’s recorded!

  92. Thank you! Official entry…
    I love the Strictly Spoiler because…
    It’s ridiculous after all these years of SCD that the BBC expect us to believe we’re watching a completely different show on Sunday nights. SCD should start around 5pm on Saturday, finish by 7pm. Back on 8.30pm and over, results completed, by 9pm. No Sunday show and everyone happy. So Saturday night is completely SCD night and it’s all over for young children’s bedtimes. I refuse to watch the Sunday show because we’re supposed to innocently believe the BBC. Rant over! On the plus side I love Dave’s comments, along with everyone else’s who tweets. It adds to the fun of watching. The Spoiler is a perfect accompaniment… we watch, we wait, Dave lets us know, job done. Thanks Dave!

  93. I love the strictly spoiler,I find the Sunday show tedious and means I can switch off and watch something else! Keep up the good work 🙂

  94. Congrats on the Strictly Spoiler. The BBC should be more open about the show, especially the number of votes cast – that would help to quell the accusations of fixing.
    The results show is too drawn-out – all the pauses are tedious, not even slightly dramatic.

  95. Hi , I just love the strictly spoiler as I get tense watching the results show ,so can now prepare myself and enjoy the results .It saves me spending most of my time in the other room .Haha

  96. I like the Strictly spoiler as it simply gets the truth out to the people in a timely fashion. It gets to the point quickly without any delay or drama, unlike the BBC. Keep going Dave!

  97. Because I am like a kid at Christmas I can not wait for Sunday program I need to be put out of my misery and its great that you can do that for me. Its the BBC’s fault for not showing in like they used too on Saturday evening.

  98. I love the Strictly Spoiler because I don’t see why we should have to wait when everyone knows it’s filmed on Saturday night 🙂

  99. I love the Strictly Spoiler – the dance-off show is such a lot of hype! I can’t bear it so this Spoiler is fantastic!

  100. Love the strictly spoiler as it’s a great place to discuss the dances straight after the show. Love reading the posts between 8-10 on a sat evening while waiting for the result. It’s great to hear what others think plus it’s a win win for my hubby who doesn’t have to listen to me giving out about the scores until the Sunday not live results show. Well done Dave on keeping it going.

  101. It is brilliant as I always check it on a Saturday night then when my family guess on a Sunday who is in the dance off I always get it right and they think I’m a strictly expert!!!! It has helped me to create the biggest practical joke of all time ? The strictly spoiler not only lets me have a laugh with my family, but it means that as someone who has no patience, I don’t have to wait for ages to find out who will be going!

  102. Like not having to wait until Sunday night, as I am usually so busy getting ready for Monday that I forget it’s on. Would prefer BBC to show results on Saturday night. Other shows do it, so why they can’t I don’t know.

  103. I’m currently caring for my terminally ill mum, but have cover to so that I can have a “night off” on Saturday to watch “Strictly”. As I am not able to watch the results show on a Sunday, I rely on this spoiler to keep me informed of the result. As soon as she settles, I rush to this site to find out the result. Keep up the great work!

  104. We rely on the spoiler as my hubby works on a sunday night & isn’t able to watch the results show on sunday. It’s a great way for him to keep up to date with the show. Thanks

  105. I really look forward to the spoiler each week. Glad they haven’t managed to silence it.

  106. Love the spoiler and it means I don’t have to sit through the ‘live’ show on a Sunday!

  107. I love the strictly spoiler because not only does it stop me obsessing about the result for 24 hours, but it’s one in the eye to social media police BBC. We all know there’s no need to wait, so why do so? Plus, Dave Thorp writes funny and we’ll executed blogs- they’re a joy to read ☺

  108. I can’t stand the pretense of Sunday’s show being “live” ! And as for the perilous drum-beats to heighten the tension-STOP IT ! Just tell us straight away !
    Keep up the excellent work,Dave !

  109. I love the ‘Strictly Spoiler’ because the BBC SPOILT it for me when they stopped doing the live results show! Wish they’d put it back to ‘real time’ and stop ‘pretending’ it’s being filmed on the Sunday!

  110. After years of waiting until Sunday for the result I realised I just needed to know. Thank you!

  111. Have loved following the spoiler throughout this competition. JAY AND ALIONA TO WIN!

  112. I love this site because I work most Sunday nights and always miss the show so the fact I can see it a night early is so good!

  113. I love the spoiler since I found it last year. It is ridiculous that the BBC insist on maintaining the fiction the results show is live on a Sunday night.

  114. I totally love Strictly Spoiler! I can’t believe i just recently discovered it.Strictly spoiler is always correct. The result show sometimes looks like a farce when you really know its not live show. Thanks goodness we have got Strictly Spoiler!

  115. Love Strictly Spoiler, BBC should go back to showing results on Saturday night although they would then have to find another prog. for Sunday

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