The Strictly Spoiler Needs You!

As I posted yesterday The BBC launched an attack on The Strictly Spoiler and got Facebook to remove The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page. Over 1000 visitors to The Strictly Spoiler liked that page and the page was rapidly becoming a community for people to discuss the spoiler, the show and all things Strictly.

The BBC’s removal of this page as well as being an attack on The Strictly Spoiler is also an attack on Freedom of Speech and an attempt at censorship. All from a publicly funded broadcaster.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours thinking about what to do. I have sent a strongly worded email to the BBC which they no doubt won’t bother to read and will just delete. So I’ve decided to launch a petition to the BBC, Tony Hall Director General of The BBC, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to undo this travesty and reinstate The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page.

You can support the petition by signing it here. Also please share the petition on your own social networking pages and spread the word.

The BBC may have won the first battle but with your help we can win the war!

Complaints to the BBC!

20 Replies to “The Strictly Spoiler Needs You!”

  1. The strictly spoiler should be forever don’t back down Dave I was taught to stand up for what you believe in and if u don’t like something CHANGE IT never let someone tell you what to do

  2. Until the BBC go back to its old format of showing the results show live you keep doing what you’re doing. They must think we’re a lot of mindless fans to try to get us to believe that the programme is actually broadcast live on a Sunday.

  3. Time to come clean BBC:

    1) The viewers are not stupid, give the results on the Saturday night as they happen, the Sunday show is absolutely awful, a waste of viewers time.

    2) Give out the scores of the public vote, or do you manipulate them so much you want to keep it secret?

  4. Quite shocking that BBC as a publicly funded organisation is using its corporate clout to sensor a harmless and entertaining blog.
    It’s also disappointing that the results show does not happen on the night – quite pointless and I wonder what are the opportunities for other programmes to run on the rather pointless Sunday night slot

    1. But that’s the thing isn’t it. The BBC are getting two shows for the price of one. It’s their way of saving money.
      As the event has already taken place, in front of a live audience, as well as asking people to vote, thus bringing it out to the public domain, it makes the BBCs actions most certainly wrong. It is aldo of course against freedom of speech, particularly from a corporation who are renowned for its journalism.

      If the BBC can act the way they did in the likes of the Cliff Richard saga, amongst others, then to act the way they have is totally hypocritical. How many times have the BBC said on its news programmes ‘the BBC have learnt’ or ‘the BBC have uncovered’?

      How many times have the BBC sent undercover reporters into situations to get the news or to create sensationalism? Im sorry, but this is wrong and I would have thought, illegal. It may also be considered fraudulent, pretending the way are after a public vote. After all, if the public don’t want to know, they don’t have to read the thing in the first place.

  5. The BBC continues to treat the licence payers as idiots and do what it wants, not what viewers request. We all know the show is completed Saturday, yet we have Tess (another person most dont want yet here we are) saying “we’ll see you back at the Tower Ballrom tomorrow” ….blatant untruth! As for SCD turning into the family Clifton show … I used to like Kevin but getting absurd now. It’s like every other show on the BBC, find a formula and flog it to death. Strictly remains hugely popular inspite of the BBC not because of it. Please believe Dave, we are all behind you. I want to know the results on the night, stop treating us like fools BBC. Off to sign your petition ……

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Tess. Attrocious presenter. I don’t understand how the BBC, once renowned for its professionalism, can employ such talentless people across its network. Take away their cue cards and theyd be left floundering. And don’t even get me started on Zoe Ball……

      1. Tess – huge joke – all those Northern vowels appearing and disappearing and incapable of hearing criticism of even the worst performers.

  6. Keep going Dave.
    Perhaps if the BBC were honest and put on a live show instead of tryimg to fool the public it would be better all round. Does anybody still believe its a live show on Sunday?

  7. Keep it up Dave we need it. In New Zealand I can only get a chance to watch the main event on a Sunday evening. So knowing the result just makes my weekend complete !

  8. The BBC are greedy , having the results show on Sunday is an easy way of filling an hour …with a guaranteed audience .Do they really think that people believe that the whole scd scenario is recreated on a Sunday evening ? They are taking the British public for fools !

  9. The Beeb have tried to con people that the show is ‘live’ on a Saturday when it’s pre-recorded from 2pm onwards – and again on Sunday night when they recorded the results were tallied and announced on the Saturday.

    It’s easy to see why The Voice has jumped ship when these dirty tricks are going on. They need to realise that Strictly is an escapism, not part of their pretentious state of totalitarianism

  10. Oh and one more thing (further to my comments below), whilst I’m spitting out my dummy…. It really gets my goat the way the judges have their favourites and vote accordingly. The number of times they overlook mistakes by one person but nitpick on others, often contradicting themselves in the process.

    Also, why, earlier on in the series did Darcy say, re Jays 9 points, “as it’s so early in the series” (or words to that effect). If a dance deserves a 10, then give it a 10, regardless. The voting from the judges often leaves me confused (being polite) and makes me question their agendas.

    Oh and one more thing. Not too sure if I’m being over sensitive here, but I’ve noticed this series, an increasing amount of personal comments rather than dancing assessed ones. To comment on people’s physical attributes eg smiles etc is out of order. And if you’re not going to take into account a person’s age, physical attributes and dancing experience, then don’t invite them on in the first place.

    Finished. And I feel so much better for getting it off my chest. Thank you for reading. …

    1. I agree re personal comments and I might start taking a more hands on approach to moderating this site if people continue.

      It’s possible to discuss contestants without making nasty personal comments about them and just because someone doesn’t like a contestant or a pro doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees

  11. Some people want advanced warning of the results but some don’t. The BBC are in a difficult position because for the past couple of weeks people who know the result have been posting it on BBC pages. There should be room for both types of fans in the Strictly family

    1. Hi Catherine, this I do agree with and it annoys me too that people post the spoiler publicly especially on Twitter where there’s one idiot operating under the name Strictly Spoiler posting the result (which until recently they copied and pasted from here) all over the Strictly hashtags which annoys me and also makes some people think it’s me because they’re operating under the same name as me!

      I do post the spoiler on social networks (not Facebook at the moment but Twitter) but do so as a link to here so people can choose to click or not

      I could put something in the posts asking people not to post it publicly to social networks but most people who view this site only read the 2nd paragraph of the spoiler post then move on so it probably wouldn’t do much good. Plus the idiot on Twitter would almost certainly ignore it!

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