Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Poll

Strictly was at Blackpool this week which could make for an unpredictable spoiler time. As soon as it comes in it will be posted to this site as usual. However to keep you amused whilst you wait there’s actually a lot of things you can do

Firstly as usual there’s a poll where you can tell me who your favourites were this week. Last week’s poll proved to be incredibly close with Georgia and Giovanni just pipping Jay and Aliona to the top by 12 votes.

Secondly please read all about the BBC’s attack on The Strictly Spoiler which happened this week. Yes that’s right after 4 years of doing this the BBC have finally taken notice but not by reverting to a live results show as so many crave but instead they’re having Facebook remove content for spurious reasons.

If you aren’t happy that a public funded broadcaster is engaging in what basically amounts to censorship and preventing freedom of speech you can join the fightback and let the BBC (and Facebook) know exactly what you think about their attempts at censorship.

Finally I launched a competition last week. Originally you could enter through Facebook, Twitter and this site. Obviously Facebook entry is no longer possible and as a precaution I’ve also ceased entry on Twitter so the only way to enter now is by commenting on the competition post. You could be the lucky winner of a £50 amazon voucher!

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter to keep up with all things Strictly Spoiler. You can’t like The Strictly Spoiler anymore on Facebook though because the BBC don’t want you to!

Who was your favourite (Week 9)

  • Jay and Aliona (32%, 1,944 Votes)
  • Anita and Gleb (27%, 1,641 Votes)
  • Georgia and Giovanni (15%, 910 Votes)
  • Katie and Anton (11%, 644 Votes)
  • Kellie and Kevin (8%, 458 Votes)
  • Helen and Aljaž (4%, 223 Votes)
  • Peter and Janette (2%, 100 Votes)
  • Jamelia and Tristan (2%, 97 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,513

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69 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Week 9 Poll”

  1. Did anyone else think Anita and Gleb were under marked? I thought, although I loved Jays dance, that Anita’s was the best dance of the show…….and was Georgia overmarked because she is the judges favourite? And Peter was very under marked…..perhaps the judges want him out….very odd voting scores this week….

    1. I’m not surprised Peter didn’t score highly this week. The dance wasn’t really recognisable as a jive. Think he could be in trouble tonight and I wasn’t expecting that!

    2. I actually think for once Anita was over marked this weekend( whereas she has been under marked in previous weeks), she was being thrown across the floor for a lot of the dance. I do however agree that Georgia was over marked.

    3. The judges definitely have their favourites.They no longer mark the dancing but the celebrity who they want to win. They ignore minor faults when their favourites dance, but come down heavily on others who make the same mistake. A new judging panel is called for I think. Karen Hardy, James Jordan, Ian Waite come to mind for starters. Get rid of the old panel, they are pathetic

      1. Hear,hear. Good choices. Len Goodman has turned into a grumpy old man. Bruno is now a caricature as for Greville-Hallwood, well words fail me.

    4. I though Peters was atrocious and that was the general consensus on twitter too. Hardly any Jive steps and the few he did were poorly executed. If anything he was scored too high. Loved Anita , Georgia and Jay. Helen and Katie both marked far too high considering their mistakes.

  2. The standard tonight was outstanding! However I felt that some were severely under marked (Peter) and some were overmarked (Georgia and Jay). Anita totally wowed me tonight 🙂 She’s my favourite xxx

    1. have to say diasagree with your comments about regarding who undermarked and overmarked. You cant say andre was undermarked when len gave him a very generous 8, yet gave jays jive a 9. Theres a clear distinction in the quality of their jives and we all know whose was better

  3. I disagree team GG deserve top of the leader board and if they are the judges favourites then Georgia made herself the favourite yes Anita is good but Georgia has been top of the leader board 3 times and Anita hasn’t once

    1. Well watch Anita and Georgia’s dances again which is what I did and then see who was the better dancer tonight….Anita. I don’t particularly have a favourite but I have to admit Anita far outshone Georgia tonight.

  4. Loved Anita thought she was amazing. I’m struggling with Georgia she’s a good dancer but she knows it, the same for Kellie and Kevin they have to be the most annoying couple (and half the family!!) Anita or Katie to win.

    1. Agree totally all the It takes 2 segments Joanne Clifton is always involved. I’d rather have Brendan or Pasha do them.

      1. I know its becoming the Clifton family show struggle with Kevin, Karen and Joanne really need some of the old pro’s back its spoiling the show.

  5. Peter I thought struggled… Anita brilliant… Helen was ok-ish… Jay very good… Kelly was good… Poor Jamelia she was foot perfect. .. Not sure who will go tonight. Struggled to choose..

    1. Based on Jamelia’s overall improvement and the fact she made no mistakes I don’t think she deserves to go. Especially when Peter was so poor and Helen and Katie made mistakes but still got over marked. I think Peter and Helen should be bottom 2 but Jamelia probably will be due to lack of public support even though she danced well

  6. I enjoyed everyone this week apart from Peter which is such a shame as I adore the man; he’s such a gentleman!

    jay and aliona were on fire, kellie and Kevin were full of beans as usual, jamelia was good (though I hate to admit it because I can’t stand her!) Anita and gleb were AMAZING, Katie and anton were okayyyy… Georgia and Giovanni were just lovely, with Helen and aljaz stealing the show for me. she is so incredibly sweet and danced that charleston very well considering she is 5’7 and very leggy!

    Peter has a massive fan base who will keep him safe, so I predict jamelia and Katie in the dance off with jamelia leaving AT LAST!

    1. @eva

      ugh yes i always forget to add how unbearable i find joanne clifton, she is UTTERLY INSUFFERABLE! it frustrates and agitates me to NO END that she is constantly bobbing around amongst the celebrities waiting their turn to dance; she is not a celebrity dancer!!! if they’re going to let one measly little choreographer up there, then how about they invite all the backing dancers, all the other choreographers, the make up team and the wardrobe team to boot?!?! so ridiculous; i can’t stand the sight of her face, she’s so annoying- her presence there is entirely out of place and irrelevant.

        1. it’s a real shame, as i swear she never used to be so insufferable! i have no personal hatred towards her, but i just feel she’s really out of place amongst the celebrities waiting to dance. it’s as if she feels she’s some kind of crucial element to the show’s success or running or something… when she seriously isn’t. we don’t see the producers or the series founder up there, so she certainly shouldn’t be up there.

        2. oh i forgot to add! can’t say i liked ola that much, but aliona is a total babe… and that’s coming from a girl 😉 her legs are to die for!!!

        3. It’s probably more to do with the fact they’ve contracted her for a given number of years and there was no male celebrity for her this year so they’re getting their monies worth.

          She doesn’t look entirely out of place and she does the odd dance too, little different to Ola or Brendan hanging about out back.

        1. she’s too annoying; no one would have put up with her LOL! they’d have done week 1 and then gone off to do “i’m a celebrity, get me out of here” in reference to being released from her ballroom grips xD

        2. Apparently she told the producers that she’s not the ‘type of person’ to teach someone how to dance as she doesn’t have the patience… But she still wants to completely be in the limelight on strictly! Don’t see why she should be part of it at all, but anyway that’s just what I’ve heard

        3. I think it’s because they have an odd number of dancers 15 so one year they need 8 men and 7 women and the next it’s the other way round 7 men and 8 women so there is a spare dancer and this year it’s her.

  7. This SCD has been an education. I usually watch from here to the end but this year have had to watch Jeremy Vine so started at the begining. Ola’s comments and those on FB seriously make me think that the Judges votes are rigged. Under/over scoring and favouritism are rife. Time for an overhaul I think BBC

    1. I agree there seems to be some basis for Olas comments. A few years ago the couples were paired based on height and it was pot luck if you got someone decent but now it’s all manipulated from the beginning.

  8. I agree totally with the above comments regarding Joanne Clifton. She is absolutely cringe-worthy and her TV presenting skills are appalling. No idea why the BBC keeps involving her on It Takes Two when there are so many genuinely nice and amiable pros they could involve now that they have been eliminated. I find her irritating in the extreme – why is she always centre stage behind Claudia in the gallery area? Bring back some of the great pros like Artem, Robin, Yveta!

  9. Agree with others that Helen and Georgia were overmarked – but I think they are most weeks. Not sure I expected Peter to be at the bottom of the board but I have never thought he was as good people made out. Can’t help but like Jay – he is soon endearing and think back to how cripplingly shy he was in the first show.

  10. Jay and Anita under marked judges have no idea or are they over marking their faves. I’m backing Anita to win, no dance experience and she’s fab. I love Jay also but I think Anita is incredible she’s not had any dance experience or drama skills but tonight her acting & dancing was out of this world. Best paso ever, loving Glebs choreography!!!

    1. Absolutely agree, her paso was breathtaking and to not get four 10’s for it was absolutely ridiculous and then to give Georgia two 10’s, really?? I smell another Caroline Flack in the making with her. Love, love, love Anita 🙂

  11. BTW did you all read Ola’s comments in the Sun today … after watching tonights show i think she may have something regarding under/over marking, Some of tonights scores were unbelievable.

  12. What comments did Ola Jordan make??? Please can this be constructive comments and not nasty personal comments about Joanne Clifton??? I do like Kevin and Karen they are remarkable teachers and their choreography is suited to their celebs. Karen had patience of Jobe with Jeremy and it can’t be easy to teach a non dancer who is sooo tall. But what is Olas grief??? I miss her and James.

    1. basically she said … “Speaking for the first time of her reasons for leaving, Ola told The Sun she was forced out after being marginalised by producers.

      In a searing interview in which she branded Craig Revel Horwood “childish and pathetic”, she claimed judges regularly over-mark couples to help keep them in the competition.

      Ola, 33, said: “Some of the marking is way off. People are over-marked and under-marked.”

      and lots, lots more

  13. Loved Anita, have felt she was under marked for a while. Also not impressed with how the judges have such definite favourites….I’m afraid I do not like Jamilia, but she did loads better this week.

  14. Thanks Dave… I would love to know what. That interview was in full…. Is it on line???! I do think since James went her whole being seems to have gone…
    Craig I have met a few times… He is lovely and nothing like you see on scd. My aunty rents a room to him when he is in panto where we live…

  15. What a load of tosh about the ‘comments’ that Ola made. The judges have obviously for years rigged the vote for keeping their favourites in ! That’s why, Ann, Judy, John, Nancy, Russell etc all got consistently high scores and didn’t need the viewing public vote to keep them in. Fantastic Blackpool week, everyone really went for it. Shame about Peter, not a jive & a surprise, possibly nerves

  16. Just wanted to say I think the judges are marking to keep certain people in The scores tonight weren’t consistent and I always thought if a mistake was made one point was taken off this didn’t happen tonight and dances which were said to be perfect didn’t score any tens and dances with mistakes did!

  17. I know they say if the judges voting are tied then Len has the casting vote but how can they be level there are three judges before Len so they can’t be level, or am I missing something. If the three judges all vote the same then surely that’s it regardless if Len disagrees as that makes it 3-1.
    Can someone please explain.

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