Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 4 Discussion/Poll

It’s been a busy old week for Strictly. What with Tameka’s shock elimination last week and Will Young deciding to “leave right now” due to personal reasons. The Strictly Spoiler wishes Will well and hopes that whatever his personal reasons may be (and as I’ve said a few times on Facebook and Twitter I won’t be speculating on them) that he is ok.

But the show must go on and we are back with Week 4 and the 12 remaining couples must dance again to avoid elimination. Who shone for you? And who should be sent packing? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with this week’s Strictly in the comments right here or you can head on over to Facebook/Twitter and join the discussion there (on Twitter please remember to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler). Each time you get involved with the discussion you earn an entry into the biggest competition this site has ever run and earn a chance to win a £20 Amazon UK Voucher and possibly a Kindle Fire Tablet. Full details on the competition and all the ways you can enter can be found here.

As normal a poll will open right here once all the couples have danced this week and will give you something to do while you are refreshing the site waiting for the spoiler to come. You can select 3 options just like always. Or why not join the discussion whilst waiting for the spoiler right here in the comments section and tell me and everyone else what you think!

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Week 4: Who's your favourite? (choose up to 3)

  • Ore and Joanne (26%, 2,434 Votes)
  • Danny and Oti (20%, 1,871 Votes)
  • Louise and Kevin (11%, 1,018 Votes)
  • Claudia and AJ (8%, 788 Votes)
  • Greg and Natalie (8%, 777 Votes)
  • Lesley and Anton (8%, 720 Votes)
  • Ed and Katya (5%, 522 Votes)
  • Robert and Oksana (5%, 436 Votes)
  • Daisy and Aljaž (4%, 428 Votes)
  • Laura and Giovanni (3%, 256 Votes)
  • Anastacia and Brendan (2%, 170 Votes)
  • Naga and Pasha (1%, 95 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,076

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32 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 4 Discussion/Poll”

  1. I wonder how they are going to adjust the programmes to take into account that 2 Celebrities left last week?

    1. I thought technically it was very good with the kicks and flicks, maybe better than Jay, but aliona,s choreography was better.

        1. Hi Martin,

          Congratulations your comment has been selected at random across all the comments on this site and its Facebook/Twitter profiles and you have won a £20 Amazon UK voucher and are in the draw to win a Kindle Fire Tablet at the end of the month.

          I’m sending you an email now, please reply to that with the information requested and I’ll get your prize sent out to you in the next few weeks!

          1. Hi Martin,

            I sent it to the email address you provided in your comment. Check your spam folder? If it’s not there comment with an email address for you and I’ll resend it. I’ll delete your comment as soon as I’ve seen it so you shouldn’t get any spam

    2. Ridiculous. Ore’s jive was brilliant, but nothing will ever beat Jay’s jive. It was incredible and something I will never forget. We will have forgotten Ore’s jive in a few weeks. Jay’s jive was also ridiculously undermarked – he never received the marks/praise he truly deserved. Danny Mac was brilliant again tonight – Danny and Oti to win!

  2. To say that jive was better than Jay’s is an insult to dance! Looks like the BBC are looking after their own performance

  3. Really enjoyed tonight’s show….favourite 3 Louise, Danny and Ore……but nothing will ever beat the characterisation that Jay gave to the jive last year…

  4. Tonight’s show was great I really enjoyed it. Ore was excellent and so was Louise. I really wanted Naga to do better than last week and she was. Can’t wait to find out who’s gone. Thanks for this site Dave.

  5. Danny still smashed it for me. Head & shoulders. But for pure fun value, it’s got to be Judge Rinder. There’s definitely a dancer in there.

  6. Ore Aduba was brilliant – not just his dancing, his characterisation was superb too. Danny Mac looks cool whatever he does. Lesley Joseph is an inspiration!

  7. really enjoyed the show, would love to see judge rinder do a serious dance and blow craigs nasty comments out of the water, waiting on tonights result with baited breath

  8. Judge rinder , my guilty pleasure !! ❤️ … brilliant show .. Danny is brilliant , Lesley is an inspiration and Ore was great tonight , but sorry , Jay is still the No 1 Jiver !

  9. Just adored Ore’s jive, can’t see where he lost the mark.

    Jay’s jive was brilliant too but watching both back tonight think Ore’s just edges it. Why?
    Kay’s was brilliant because it interpreted the film so well, if it hadn’t been movie based it wouldn’t have worked quite as well.
    Other than that can’t split them

    Can say delighted Ore annihilated Danny tonight, it’s so obvious that he has had dance trading before, and just as obvious Ore hasn’t – again personal opinion, but like to see people who are not ex stage school get better and win. So if I ever vote it will be for someone not from stage school and this year we have a couple of very good options

  10. Loved Ore’s & Joanne’s jive. Good to see the judges giving dances the scores they deserve, even if it is only week 4. As with Jay’s jive last year, which I have watched many times, I fail to see the mistakes in either of these dances, both were as good if not better than any of the dances Craig did give 10 to last year. Jay & Aliona’s jive will always be my favourite Strictly moment. I am also loving Lesley and Anton, Danny and Oti and Robert and Oksana. Thanks Dave as always for this site. It gets better every year. Goodnight now. Love and peace to all.

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