Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 8 Discussion/Poll

It’s week 8 and Blackpool is in sight. But before the 8 remaining couples can head off to the bright lights of Blackpool they have to survive one more week.

Who deserves a pass to the tower? And who shouldn’t bother packing their bucket and spade? You can let me know your thoughts on that or anything else to do with this week’s Strictly right here in the comments section or by heading on over to Facebook or Twitter (please remember to tag @davejthorp and include #StrictlySpoiler on Twitter)

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Once all the couples have danced tonight a poll will open for you to tell me who your favourites are. This series is wide open and different couples have been winning most weeks unlike last series where one couple dominated the polls. Could your favourite top the poll this week? Only if you vote in the poll for them!

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90 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2016 – Week 8 Discussion/Poll”

  1. Have to agree with the comments Craig made re: Daisy. At least I seemed to be watching the same dance as him. Think Greg tried too hard and thought him attempting to swirl the scarf like a cape ended up looking slightly comedic.

    As for Ed….well he’s certainly different lol. Oh and I think we can blame him for the Mariachi band (think he brought them over from when he was on Channel 4 on Wednesday night).

    P.S. Did anyone else catch the Mary Berry drinking game that seemed to taking place tonight? Seemed she and things related to her were mentioned a few time

  2. I hope Ed gets to Blackpool …in recognition of how hard he has worked & has improved week by week….after that he will probably not be able to compete with the others.
    I would like to see Greg in the final….also Danny…

      1. But it’s down to the public – it always becomes a personality test at this point in the competition. I’m hoping he’ll get to B’pool and will then go – good luck to him tho’ he’s brilliant fun and great entertainment

        1. If you’re not entertained by the real dancers on the show then surely you must be watching the wrong show for you 🙁

      1. It is not a show for the studio audience – it is a show for the TV audience and therefore views of audience members are likely to be different from those of TV viewers and, consequently, of less significance

      2. Just look at the judges scores. He is about the only person they score accurately. Most of the others have some dance ability. He doesn’t period! It makes a mockery of the whole show he’s got this far. It’s the same every year. The publics craving for seeing the deluded make idiots of themselves keep such people in that it makes a mockery of the show. It’s a dance competition. Vote off the people who can’t dance!

  3. Ed is on shaky ground now, he’s clearly the worst dancer left. I really hope he goes soon as it’s just cringeworthy now.

    1. sorry I don’t agree, by far the most entertaining dance this series, amazing lifts for a novice, no stage school etc

      1. Greg hasn’t been to stage school either. Ed is this year’s novelty act but for me the novelty wore off long ago.

    1. Think it is a bit nasty to call someone a joke – it is an open competition and the public are free to vote how they like. He is no worse than Jeremy Vine and he got to Blackpool last year.

          1. Well thats the great british public for ya.. theyre voting for fun when you are supposed to vote for talent

          2. Personally I cannot dislike any of them – they are all going out on live TV every week giving it all they have got. I couldn’t do it.

          3. I vote for who makes the effort, who has improved, not someone who has been trained before the programme. But I didn’t know BBC issued rules on how to vote!

          4. They dont but it is a competition… and as such i always vote for those who performed best and thats not always the same ones every week. It would be interesting to know just who had ballroom and latin training before the show started as far as im aware they all started as beginners in that field at least. Anything else they did in the past means nothing the only advantage is that they have a sense of rhythm and musicality and others have that naturally

          5. Calling someone who is really trying, who is working hard and improving a joke is really very unkind – I’d like to see you do it!

          6. I agree that he tries very hard but even with all the effort and small improvements hes still terrible on the plus side he is a genuinely nice guy who its nice to get to know. Its just that all the others are much much better

          7. he is not a hopeless dancer, watch more carefully, he has learned so much. He has not been to stage school, like so many others on this show

          8. I do watch trust me …
            I see fun …yes
            I see entertainment …yes
            I see effort…. yes
            But technique…no
            Content…. no
            Sad but true

      1. Agree – he is what SCD is all about – someone who can’t dance, learning, improving and loving every moment. Watching him is so much more satisfying than watching some one who is brilliant from day one. Ed gives us all hope!

      2. I can laugh at him and enjoy his dances but can’t vote for him. I would much rather give my votes to Danny and Claudia

  4. God… i certainly hope Ed doesnt get to blackpool!!!! I mean really!!!.
    My best ones daisy ore and louise. Hope they all get thru not really bothered about the others. Ore isnt overmarked hes a great dancer and louise and daisy are just growing week by week
    Fab week ……. loved it

  5. Is it just me who completely agreed with Craig and Darcey about Danny’s AT? Argentine Tango’s aren’t supposed to have that much attack, and it was far too busy for my tastes. AND he needs to stop leading from his arms, that’s something very rookie for somebody of Danny’s quality.

    1. Oti is coming across as possessive and clingy and I think Danny is trying his best to distance himself from her actions – very good call as I don’t think his girlfriend/wife should have to put up with Oti’s behaviour, she’s been inappropriate since week one

    2. Surely it was not about Oti. He had just mentioned to Claudia that he had had a tough week, which showed in his face throughout the interview and the scoring. Clearly a moment of mixed emotions, which must have gotten stronger by the surprisingly negative comments from the first 2 judges.

  6. i noticed danny did not look very happy at all with oti he did push her away, loved judge rinder really hope he gets to finals because he has improved so much, but what really peeved me off was the girls shouting undermarked behind kevin that was very unprofessional

    1. He did say that Oti had been holding his hand all week as he had had a tough week and dedicated the dance to his Dad. This was said whilst Claudia was talking over him so was not too clear to hear.

  7. Thought Louise was fantastic. I love Ed, his lifts were great this week. I’d like to see him get to Blackpool.
    Im just not getting Daisy. She doesn’t seem to be progressing at all. I think it will be Daisy and Greg in the dance off.

    1. I agree I love Louise and Kevin. Like Ed too. Think he is really improving and funny. Think Greg and Daisy will be in dance off too

  8. Can I just take the light off the celebrities for a moment and say how amazing I think Oti’s routines are. Seriously, her choreography is so clever and original every week!

      1. Rubbish! Any training at dance school is of virtually no use here. Because one has had professional football training does that mean one can play tennis? Does learning French at university mean one can speak Japanese! I would suggest you have no idea about stage school dancing and ballroom dancing – they are chalk and cheese situations.

  9. Ed and Katya are just brilliant. What a team! He seriously killed those lifts! I’m impressed and thoroughly entertained.

  10. I don’t enjoy watching Daisy at all. The judges are raving about her but I don’t see any excitement in her performances. Danny was amazing tonight, so too were Louise and Greg. I’d like the three of them to appear in the final. As for Ed, he’s the best ‘novelty’ dancer ever!!

    1. Daisy was superb last week in the Viennese Waltz which was quirky and full of charm, but generally I agree with you.

  11. Loved the dancing, but thought Joanne and Karen’s behaviour with the undermarked in the background quite unpleasant and cringey!

  12. Re everyone complaining about Ed still being in: you do realise it’s because he keeps getting public votes, right? As far I I recall he’s only *not* been bottom of the ‘board once and hasn’t been in the dance off as of yet. Surely if a rather large number of viewers i.e. those who pay the licence fee want to keep him in, he deserves to be there?

    On a less whiny note, Danny and Claudia have really grown on me, would love to see them in the final!

  13. I personally think that Danny is over marked every week! No offence to Oti, but most of the routines revolve around her, and Danny isn’t connecting with the public. I still have no idea why he’s so popular. (Just my opinion)

  14. Ore is overmarked every week. It’s driving me mad. The judges are watching something else to what the viewers are. And Danny is getting the same treatment as Jay last year – Consistenty undermarked and never receives the credit he is due.

  15. Why do the judges whether straight or gay, male or female, always favour the women in the competition when they all admit that almost always the dancing is a lot harder for the man. What they say and how they vote are ridiculous. To the judges’ eternal disgrace they never once gave Jay a 40 despite him being the best (male) competitor of all time and yet people like Caroline Flack (who was nowhere near as good as Jay) got a whole string of 40s. Look at how the judges fawned over Pamela Stephenson (OMG) and others. ALL the judges need replacing with ones who are not biased and are not two-faced. Two-faced? How can Craig say that they had never seen a level of dancing like that of Jay’s jive and still not give him 10? Scandalous!

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