Ore Oduba Wins Strictly Come Dancing 2016

It’s been one hell of a series, but after 13 weeks and more spoilers than you can possibly imagine we have a champion for 2016. And the winner is….

Ore and Joanne

You can check out Ore and Joanne’s show dance in the video below

Did the right couple win? Let me know in the comments section or over on Facebook or Twitter. This is your last chance to get involved in the discussion and win a voucher or a tablet! The competition for 2016 closes at midnight tomorrow night!

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Please also check out my thank you post where I thank all those who have contributed towards another massive year for The Strictly Spoiler.

I’ll be announcing the final competition winners on Monday but other than that and the Christmas Special that’s pretty much it for another year for The Strictly Spoiler. Merry Christmas to you all and a happy 2017. I will see you all around August/September time for the pre series build up!

22 Replies to “Ore Oduba Wins Strictly Come Dancing 2016”

    1. Hates rather a strong word…difficult to hate people you don’t know. No..it’s the injustice of it all that hurts.

  1. What a final. Hats off to them all. What an experience to remember. Sone amazing dancing tonight. Well done Ore and Joanne. I think any one of them could have been the winner. I couldn’t decide

  2. Somehow the result didn’t surprise me…just wish I’d known how many tears were going to be shed this series so I could have got shares in kleenex…reckon could have been rolling in it solely thanks to Ore…

  3. Nope the best dancer didn’t win but they rarely do in these types of show. Not happy but not surprised either.

  4. This is it. The Strictly Final. As it happens, also my Strictly Final. These have been 7 great years. Discovered the show in the semi’s with BBC’s Chris Hollins. Surprised he went on to win, but after that I truly enjoyed watching nearly every Saturday and I applauded several undisputed winners: Kara, Harry, Jay and Danny. Now the book is closed. The BBC made sure the show is no longer worth the emotional involvement, no longer worth watching. The final congratulations are to Danny and Oti.

    1. My thoughts exactly John though I’ve watched it religiously since 2004. Believing this to be a genuine dance competition, I gave up many a Saturday evening and dedicated time and money to participate in the voting and the blogs in, what now turns out to be, just a popularity contest! Since Bruce Forsyth left I felt that the show was going down hill but I stayed faithful thinking that it was just a blip. But now, after this disastrous result where the true winners of SCD, Danny and Oti, were denied the title, I too feel this show is no longer worth the emotional involvement and no longer worth watching with as much dedication as I did before. I may dip in and out on occasion but frankly now with Len Goodman also gone I’m afraid it’ll just get worse.

  5. “Loving” the “the best dancer lost” moaning…

    …on the night – Danny made a mistake, Ore didn’t. Simple as that!

  6. Ore won because he pulled off 3 cracking dances. Danny might have won if he had done the same. But he didn’t. It’s not about the best dancer overall , it’s who performed on the night. It’s not injustice, it’s just what happened. Sometimes the better football team loses when they play badly. It is because we are human. I had no idea before the show who would win or who I wanted to win but even by the end of the first dance, Ore was ahead and his show dance was stunning, Danny’s was great too but over the three dances , Ore wa better on the night. I felt Louise only really shone in her last dance.

    Ores was not a shock result if you watched the final as a neutral. If you wee very pro Danny you may feel gutted but please don’t blame it on anyone else that he didn’t win as he had it in his power to win.

    1. Okay even if Ore was judged the better performer on the night, in my opinion, the whole premise of this show is wrong. All the couples work SO unbelievably hard for three or four months and then they lose just based on their final 3 dances? It’s ridiculous. Taking your example of a football team losing…yes the better team may lose one or more of their matches, but because it’s an accumulation of points system, the amount of wins they get are taken into final account. Therefore, because Danny and Oti have been CONSISTENTLY brilliant throughout the show, for me, they have accumulated more points and therefore, in my eyes, they’re the real winners. If you ask who then would be second I’d say Claudia and AJ as they were also cheated out of a rightful place in the final. Who would be third? Well that’s a tough one between Louise and Kevin and Ore and Joanne…don’t know…am I bothered? No.

      1. There are no rules for how the public should vote. They vote for who they want to win. The dancer they see before them. ITa a knockout competition not a league. If it were the latter , then people with dance experience would win every time as they would always have more points from the start.

        I don’t agree about Claudia. Technically she was good but the emotional connection of the performance was not there for me. She wanted to do them right but I felt they were like gymnastic performances rather than dances. I don’t see they were cheated out of a place , people just didn’t vote for her. And had she won the dance off, Danny would have been out.. people have a different opinion to yours.

        1. Firstly I know there’s no rules for a public vote – I never said there should be. What I think is that the BBC should publish the votes as is done in other programmes if they’ve got nothing to hide. Thirdly, I accept it’s a knock out popularity contest, not a true dance competition which would have a league table element to it. Fourthly, Claudia should not have been up against Danny in the semi-final anyway so that’s a moot point. Finally, OF COURSE I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. That’s why we have discussion blogs and everyone has a right to their own opinion as I do. That’s called democracy.

  7. As much as I like Ore and am happy that he won, Danny’s performances from this series are what I will remember.

    1. I totally agree…Danny and Oti’s performances are the only ones I replay over and over again. Ore’s triumph will be short-lived and his victory retired into the annals of Strictly history. But Danny and Oti made history and will be remembered each time there’s a samba or a show dance performed to name just two of their wonderful dances. Long may they reign!!

  8. I don’t understand why people get so wound up by who wins and who loses! We’ve had weeks of great entertainment and, to be honest, on the night it could have gone to any of them. The public, in the end, voted for Ore and Joanne, so well done to them. I don’t remember there being this much fuss when Darren Gough won and he certainly wasn’t the best dancer in his series! Let’s just enjoy the show for what it is, Saturday night entertainment.

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