New Head Judge Revealed

Anyone still wondering, yes this post was an April Fools Joke or as Donald Trump would describe it – Fake News. Not even the BBC are crazy enough to replace Len Goodman with a giant yellow spotted pink blob dreamed up by Noel Edmonds in the 1990s. Though we shouldn’t give them any ideas!

The Strictly Spoiler has today learned who will be taking over from former head judge Len Goodman during the upcoming 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing. “Who is it?” I hear you ask. Well there’s no need to wait any longer to find out as I can exclusively reveal the identity of the new head judge. And that person is………

Mr Blobby!

Speaking exclusively to The Strictly Spoiler, former head judge Len Goodman  had this to say: “I’ve been pickling my walnuts worrying who will be taking over from me but Blobby’s dance credentials speak for themselves. The BBC have made a fantastic choice of who will replace me and its definitely not a SEVERRRRNNNN but a 10 from Len”

Strictly Host Claudia Winkleman said: “Blobby will be an amazing addition to the Strictly family. I’m told they have still to finalise the terms and conditions of his contract but we’ve got a midget playing some bagpipes to help with that”

Blobby himself had this to say: “Blobby……. Blobby Blobby Blobby……. Blobby…… BLOBBY!!!!”

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