Tenth 2017 Celebrity Revealed

The BBC may have taken a 2 day break from announcing contestants but I announced the biggest competition this site has run with triple the chances of winning compared to 2016. But anyway the BBC are back and continuing to drip feed us members of the class of 2017. But who is the latest name to be announced? Well I can reveal that it is…..

Brian Conley

Brian is best known for being a comedian and creating characters such as Nick Frisbee, Septic Peg and Dangerous Brian Conley

Odds are coming in due course. Really!

What do you think of the latest addition. As always you can let me know right here in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to follow or like the profiles on those networks for the most chances to win in the 2017 competition. More details can be found here.

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