Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 7 Discussion/Poll

It’s Week SEVERRRRNNNN and halloween week is but a distant memory (some of you will be pleased to know) but it’s bonfire night eve. Who put on a dazzling display? And who just fizzled out?

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25 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 7 Discussion/Poll”

  1. Some of the marking was downright shocking tonight. Aston and Joe were both under marked and Debbie was over marked.

    1. Totally agree. Debbie was good, but 8 or 9 good not a ten. Aston wasn’t as good as usual, but he shouldn’t be second from bottom.

  2. The marking is all over the place! Still love the non-dancers who are improving week by week and think it is unfair to pitch non-dancers against trained dancers – it’s not a level playing field. The best ending ever to a dance was Ruth and Anton! ???

  3. Still can’t work out if Anton meant to fall over or not, but I don’t care, best ending to a dance ever! I don’t know enough about the technical side of the dances so I’d always rather vote on entertainment… and have a much higher appreciation for those who haven’t had previous dance training. Also… the music matters a LOT… some odd song choices that get in the way if the dances I think!

    1. I suspect he always meant to do it but perhaps didn’t even tell Ruth! She handled it well but seemed confused as if she wasn’t sure why he did it.

  4. Susan and Jonnie really upped their game tonight. Very shocked at Aston’s marks and surprised Debbie got 40. Ruth should be the next to go.

  5. Another fabulous show, agree some of the marks a little shady? Get rid of Bruno, he thinks he is bigger than the show!!

  6. I do love Susan/Kevin. They make me smile so much. Shame that Ruth went for the old ‘comedy over content’ approach.

  7. Sick of Debbie being overmarked she really isnt that good…. also Aston being marked 4 is a joke. Susan and Kevin are always so fun but this weeks strictly crown should have gone to Joe and Katya! I loved their routine.

    1. I liked Davood tonight, first time for me, I had marked him down for the bottom 2 this week before he closed the show so brilliantly

  8. My favourites tonight were Susan and Kevin, Joe and Katya and Alexandra and Gorka.
    Why, even with a not totally duff dancer, must Anton go for the comedy routine? It’s a bit of an insult to Ruth who wants to getter better. At this rate she will likely be out. Her dance off mate will likely be Gemma but it could be Aston as he got a bad review from the judges.
    I still think Debbie is overmarked. How come she gets 4 tens, yet Alexandra is equally praised but only gets 3 tens and a 9??

    1. I agree re Anton/comedy. He’s had partners where he had no choice. I don’t think that applies here. Clearly she was struggling with this dance but we saw better stuff in training footage than they presented on the night. You can’t fool the voting public with fun forever and I would have preferred to see her actually dance some more, especially since pink trouser week was so recent (and so funny).. Last night less funny to me.

  9. I loved Joe & Katya, and I thought Jonnie & Otie were really improved. I think Gemma will be in the dance off, maybe with Ruth or Susan.

  10. Did anybody else catch the camera shot of the petted expression on Debbie’s face as Alexandra was being judged? Clearly she doesn’t like competition!

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