Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 7 Spoilers

There was fireworks on the dance floor and Craig not only bowed down to Debbie but also dusted the cobwebs off his 10 paddle resulting in the first maximum of the series being awarded for Debbie and Giovanni’s tango. But you haven’t come here to read about that. You are one of the over 100k people desperate to learn the results early each week and thanks to The Strictly Spoiler you can do just that. So here are the results……

Aston and Mollie had to dance off. The judges saved Mollie. Aston was eliminated! Judges voted as follows: Craig – Mollie, Darcey – Aston, Bruno – Aston, Shirley (casting vote) – Mollie)

Complaints to the BBC

This week’s spoiler has come from an audience mole through a group who has previously provided spoilers to my usual sources and should be accurate. It has also been confirmed by an additional mole through my usual sources who also provided the judges voting in the Dance Off

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39 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Week 7 Spoilers”

  1. Blimey, I never would have guessed that. Poor Aston. I liked his Michael Jackson American smooth, although it was a bit strange.

  2. It’s that time in the season to expect a shock exit but this has to be the most shocking early departure ever?

  3. Personally I’m delighted.

    Whilst I enjoy the show, I’ve always struggled with how to maintain a level playing field. The younger performers always hold an advantage over the old dad dancers, dance experienced over dance beginner. In my opinion, Aston and Alexandra (not sure about how genuine she is when she’s gurning to the camera) should not have been in the show to begin with. Having said that there’s no denying how good they both are but Aston dance just wasn’t what it should have been and therefore it was the right decision.

    On a side note I loved Ruth and Antons routine. For an entertainment show it was perfect and it was different to what we are used to. Mind you, it was a very clever and shrewd move on Antons behalf as before this week I thought it would be them leaving.

    1. So what about Debbie? Just because she’s older she’s escaping the glare but she’s at a massive advantage with her ballet training. She therefore, shouldn’t be in the show either

      1. Completely agree. I don’t think she should, unless it was a show for so called celebs with dance experience. I thought I’d mentioned her but had obviously forgotten.

        Its nothing to do with the celebs themselves but rather the question of balance and fairness that I’ve always struggled with. I guess in the end it depends on which side of the fence you sit on. Do you go with the dance show aspect for the best dancing celebs or the entertainment show where the likes of the beginner is given the time to develop and is thus judged accordingly? Either way you’re not going to please everyone.

        As I said earlier it’s not really a level playing field and unless there are the two types of show, it never will be. I like Debbie alot and she is a harder one to categorise due to her age (and time does take its toll on the body) which brings her a little closer to the others and perhaps forms more of a middle ground. Mind you, she just goes to prove what you can achieve if you look after yourself.

        I will nearly always support the underdog (as you have probably gathered) and so for me the ideal final would be (in alphabetical order), Johnny, Ruth and Susan. Yeah right. That’s really going to happen…….?!

          1. I’d be more than happy for Davood to be in the final and personally I thought it appalling that he didn’t get at least one 10, especially after the comments and the lift. He has improved massively and should be applauded as such. Were the show to be marked on zero to hero then he would be the easy winner. I even made the comment to my wife that if I could dance then I would choose Davoods routine, style and grace.

            I guess I went with the three I did because I’ve met Johnny and seen him race a few times, really like Anton and his sense of humour is similar to mine, and Susan because her figure most closely reflects my own and for her to move around the dance floor the way she does has earned my admiration no end. If there is a fourth it would indeed be Davood.

      2. Her ballet career came to an abrupt end when she was 19. It’s not like she just stepped off the stage of a west end musical directed and choreographed by Craig Revel Horwood or anything, is it?

  4. This series has been so awful for viewers spouting such horrible vitriol for some of the younger dancers. Its the same every year, they always have 2 or 3 that have had stage school training or some theatre work. That’s just the nature of it being a celebrity dancing competition.

    1. Horrible vitriol? I hope you don’t see my comments as horrible vitriol which are more about the level playing field aspect than age or gender?

      1. No not at all. However you should read comments about Alex on Twitter, calling her all sorts of names. It’s nasty and disproportionate.

        1. Don’t have Facebook, don’t have Twitter and don’t want them for the reasons you mention. I work with young people and the number I’ve counselled due to cyber bullying is shocking. There’s no need for it and it’s a sad indictment of our society that such people exist and are largely allowed to get away with it.

          1. Yes that is true
            When Alexandra got her first 9 and 310s after doing the Tina Turner jive and then started crying because she felt the loss of her mum – the number of nasty people saying they were fake tears and she was just doing it to get sympathy and votes was unbelievable
            It was genuine grief.

    1. It needed to be though the routing was highly entertaining and different. Ruth was obviously struggling (judging by the training clips) and so it was very shrewd to go the route they did. Though I suspect that this maybe their last hurrah which would be a shame.

        1. Oh I think there has been improvement but not on the scale of what we’ve seen with the likes of Davood. To be honest my comment is made more because of Anton than Ruth. He has my kind of humour.

    2. Congratulations again Pete. Dunno how you’ve done it but you’ve been randomly selected again from all the comments on the website and made it two weeks in a row and have won another £20 Amazon UK voucher to go with the voucher you won last week. Not a lot of point in me emailing you again as I already have your details. You’ll receive both vouchers at the same time

  5. Well, assuming you are right, and let’s face it, you seem to be every week, this shows the judges were brave to make such a decision and obviously genuinely based it on the dance they saw there and then and not on what they know the contestant can do!

  6. Just give Debbie the title already! She is the judges favourite by a country mile. Viewers hate Alexandra despite her being as good and every one else hit or miss days or just awful. Gutted for Aston as enjoy his routines. Mollie is meh only good in ballroom which is boring for female contestants.

    1. The problem was that Astons routine didnt really reflect the dance he should have been doing and from that aspect it was right for him to go. That is down to his partner and not him though.

      1. Yes it is down to his partner and yes the feel of the V Waltz was missing but Jannette should have known better since he is clearly a better Latin dancer than ballroom. Room for improvement but we will not see. Shame.

        1. A very misjudged routine that put him in jeopardy. It’s part of the fascination of the show that this can happen, but it does remove the best male dancer too early from the competition. This is not going to go down well.

      1. Strictly Twitter hates her cos she is a pro which is some BS as disco dancing in a stage musical does not make you a pro. Meanwhile everyone’s fave Debbie is a trained ballet dancer. People are fooled by her age but if you look after yourself you can do anything. FACT!

  7. People are going to be outraged. Last night he was poor and they were ill served by wardrobe too. Last week he was phenomenal. I am a Mollie fan and even I am shocked. I am in a much smaller group of SCD fans and they are going to be mad as hell tonight. I’m going to duck!

    1. That’s sad really. I thought her performance in the dance off was terrific and far superior to Astons ‘whatever dance he was doing’. The choreography cost him, not his ability and as such there should be no surprises.

  8. It’s never going to be a level playing field. Even if they said we won’t have anyone on with any kind of dance training in their past, no matter how small, everyone has different abilities. So what do they do about those people with natural rhythm and the ability to pick up steps quickly against people with absolutely no rhythm no matter how much teaching they get? Someone who has done some dancing in their past will not be trained in ballroom or Latin and so they still have to learn the dances and entertain us. I’d rather watch them, than the likes of Ruth who tries to cover her inability with humour, because at the end of the day, it is an entertainment program that entertains by showing people dancing not falling over!

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