Who Do You Want To Win Strictly Come Dancing 2017 (poll)

We’ve reached the midway point in the series and with one of the front runners and favourites to win the glitterball eliminated during last night’s not live results show I thought it was time to do a different poll and ask who, at this point in the series, would you like to see lift the glitterball next month?

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You can select just one option in this poll so make sure it counts.

You can also let me know who you’ve chosen and why right here in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter using the links above

5 Replies to “Who Do You Want To Win Strictly Come Dancing 2017 (poll)”

  1. would love to see Joe or Jonnie win, simply as they have no previous dance experience, and they have no expectation of doing well. + they’re both gorgeous

  2. I hope Alexandra wins. She is the best by a country mile- She works her ass off every week and consistently delivers. Gorka is a terrific partner and they work well together.

    Some of the abuse she gets online is truly awful and I would love for her to win to shut those people up. Strangely, many of the same criticisms were leveled at Ore last year. More than a coincidence I would say.

  3. I would like a non-trained dancer to win. So not Debbie or Alexandra, even though they are very good. I would like Joe to win as he isn’t trained and has really progressed well. I still maintain it’s not a fair and level playing field to start when some are trained and others are complete beginners. Having said all that, I still enjoy watching all the dancing, especially the professionals doing their group dances. ?

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