Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Christmas Special Lineup

The BBC have today announced the 6 couples who will be taking part in this year’s Christmas Special. Once again we have some ghosts of Christmas past dancing for our pleasure at a time when we are full of wine and turkey. The couples dancing around the Christmas Tree are…..

  • Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton
  • Katie Derham and Brendan Cole
  • Colin Jackson and Amy Dowden
  • Robbie Savage and Diane Buswell
  • Judy Murray and Neil Jones
  • Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev

What do you think of the festive lineup? As always you can let me know right here in the comments section or over on Facebook/Twitter using the links above.

Hopefully I will have a festive spoiler for you which no doubt will result in some newspapers labelling me a grinch out to ruin Christmas once again. I must be glutton for punishment ?

3 Replies to “Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Christmas Special Lineup”

  1. None of the above. Sorry, but ‘ghosts of Christmas past’ really does sum it up for me. Not a line-up that inspires lively interest in this household.

  2. I do enjoy the Christmas special, however, it’s not as good as the full series. It’ll be good to see Kimberley and Pasha together again though. ?

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