Susan Calman Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2017

As revealed in last night’s Strictly Spoiler, Susan and Kevin have been eliminated after losing in the dance off with Alexandra and Gorka.

You can relive their wonder woman themed samba from movie week in the video below:

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Promised some winners but I’ve had a busy way looking into possible options to try and combat the site outages that have been occurring at peak time the last few weeks. They will be announced on the songs/dances post like last week.

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3 Replies to “Susan Calman Eliminated From Strictly Come Dancing 2017”

    1. You did read the part about her ballet career ending when she was 19, yes? 38 years ago. It’s not like she just stepped off the stage of a west end musical or anything, is it?

      1. No but she has had a great deal of professional level training and a career as a dancer. The whole point of Strictly was meant to be teaching ballroom and Latin dancing to celebrities who are beginners to see who becomes best at it.

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