Dancing On Ice 2018 – Week 1 Discussion/Poll

Ok this is a bit of an experiment but given the significant overlap between the fanbases for both Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice I thought I would give it a go. Obviously if Dancing On Ice isn’t your bag just ignore this post and carry on with your life!

The greatest show on ice has returned to our screens and week 1 is underway. But who is making magic happen on the ice and who took a tumble?

Let me and the community know your thoughts about that or anything to do with tonight’s show right here at the home of the Strictly Spoiler in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter (tag @davejthorp in any comments on twitter. No special hashtag required). There will not be anywhere near as in-depth content posted to those networks for Dancing On Ice as there is for Strictly but there will be a discussion post like this posted to those networks.

I will open a poll right here once all of tonight’s couples have danced and you can tell me who your favourites were. You’ll be able to select 3 options like normal.

[poll id=”59″]

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